He Said He Was Going To Marry Me

iStockPhoto.com / Pyrosky
iStockPhoto.com / Pyrosky

“I know where we went wrong,” he said. “We had just met and we were already planning for forever. We were going to move to a big city and build a home in a small apartment building with a cat and a dog. We swore they would be best friends. We would get our degrees and travel to new cities to discover new bookstores. We believed that love was enough, that’s where we went wrong. We should have known that it wouldn’t have lasted.”

I stared at him with a glare in my eyes, “I planned for a future with you because I believed we were going to make it. I believed that our love was enough. That’s not where we went wrong. We went wrong when one of us believed in our future more than the other.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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