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I’m Just Waiting For The Perfect Lover

I’m imagining a mouth – unhurried but hungry, pulsating between rough and soft. I’m imagining hands. Hands that bruise and hands that love. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know his face. But I know what he makes me feel.

A List Of Demands For All Fuckboys

Stop acting like you’re special. We don’t all want to date you. We aren’t all in love with you. Don’t get all bent out of shape and weirded out over a text, or over any kind of interest in your life or who you are as a person. If I like you, I will make it known.

This Is How You Love Someone Who’s Been Cheated On

cheating relationships

If you’re going to love someone who has been cheated on, do it wholeheartedly, do so with purity. Unpack your baggage in front of them. Let them in. Doing so makes this person feel not only like you trust them, but like they can feel comfortable trusting you and doing the same.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other Tonight

I wouldn’t mind it, being in a room alone with you, getting to know you, opening myself up. I just find myself intrigued by you. I’ve never been more curious. I have a feeling we speak the same language.

I’m Done Waiting For You

I’m done hanging on to your words, done listening to the songs you send me through the periods we go without speaking, done ever believing you actually ever felt something for me.

You Should Fall In Love With An Introvert

An introvert will always understand the importance of space and alone time because they are so self-sufficient. The introvert needs time alone to unwind, to recharge, to clear their minds and when you need the same they will understand and respect your wishes and never take offense.

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