10 Signs Your Friend Is A Sociopath

The Shining
The Shining

1. They Are Intense About Everything

I really do mean everything, their stories are grandiose fabrications, their lives are a huge production and they are the center of it all. Everything about them, their stories, their ego, are big and intense. They believe that their sense of self is entitled to this, and will not be convinced of anything else.

2. Their Promiscuity Will Freak You Out

This was something that I was not prepared for, the sheer number of people that could be taken ahold by someone like this. As far as I could tell, it was more about quantity than quality. Be prepared for sexual fantasies that might scar you upon hearing about them.

3. You Will Doubt Your Own Emotions Around Them

Their high IQ will use logic to counter anything you may say and they will not accept blame even for actions that they have obviously done. They have no concern for the impact that they have on others, so something that will make you upset will be ignored. This causes you to second-guess how you reacted because their logic is so perfect, you feel like they make more sense than basic human understanding.

4. Their Violence And Rage Will Surprise You

Getting angry every once and a while is totally normal, but for a sociopath their rage is at their very core, it is firmly established and undeniable. It’s talked about openly but the actual scope of what you know they would be capable of, without feeling remorse, is just not normal. Don’t be surprised if they admit that they mutilated animals when they were younger.

5. Their Charm Will Draw You In Instantly

One of the first things that drew you to this person was the fact that they were so charming. They smiled correctly, laughed at your jokes, engaged you and left you with a serious impression. As time wears on, you realize this serves as an ulterior motive, allowing them to get what they want without actually investing any real emotional energy.

6. You’ll Get Completely Caught Up In Them

They can alternate between rage and small expressions of approval, which proves to be a dangerous combination. This behavior has you thinking that you can win them over if you just try harder, which produces an addictive cycle of abuse if you’re not wary.

7. You’re One Of Their Only Friends

Whenever you talk about them to someone else, it’s rare that you find a mutual like for this person. Their friends are far and in between, mostly because they have a hard time keeping friends.

8. They Will Lie To You, A Lot

They will tell grand ridiculous stories that weave in and out of the truth, complicating their lie to make it sound so fictional, that it has to be true. Lying is in their second nature; they have the uncanny ability to easily lie about anything to you without thinking about it twice.

9. They Will Never Apologize To You

As far as they are concerned, they are never wrong, and because of that they will never apologize. Their belief that they are perfect and entitled to everything makes them invincible in their minds.

10. They Are Incapable Of Love

Sociopaths are incapable of love; they cannot feel it the way that you or I might experience love. This causes friendships to be very one sided, a sociopath does not see a friendship as a mutual experience but rather an instrument to be taken advantage of and used. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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