4 Haunted Dolls And Their Terrifying Backstories

These haunted dolls don’t exactly play well with others. Here are four haunted dolls and their terrifying backstories.

1. Annabelle

You for sure know Annabelle by name, but do you know her story? Annabelle, who was made famous by the film of the same name as well as The Conjuring, is actually a Raggedy Ann doll.

During the 1970s, Annabelle was given to a student studying nursing named Donna. Donna and her roommate would often come home and find the doll had changed her position or even moved from room to room. Even more creepy, Donna and her roommate would come across handwritten notes asking for help. Big yikes.

Eventually, Annabelle was taken by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. She is still a member of their Occult Museum.

2. Okiku

The legend of Okiku begins in Hokkaido, in 1918. Okiku was purchased by a 17-year-old boy named Eikichi Suzuki. He bought the doll for his three-year-old sister, Kikuko. Kikuko was said to have adored the doll. Kikuko sadly passed away shortly after.

Then Okiku’s hair began to grow. It’s believed that Okiku is possessed by Kikuko’s spirit.

3. Lilly

Lilly was made during the 1800s in Germany. Lilly has real human hair and was discovered by an antique dealer. The antique dealer took Lilly home but began to have horrific dreams. The dreams entailed a little girl who had a horrendous accident.

Lilly now resides at The Haunted Museum.

4. Robert The Doll

And finally, Robert The Doll is the inspiration behind the Chuckey doll. Robert found himself as a member of a family in the Key West of Florida. He was given as a gift to the son of the Otto family, Robert Eugene. The two were reportedly inseparable. The boy often blamed the doll for his mistakes. As well, the family said the doll would change positions on its own.

Robert now resides at the East Martello Museum. Museum-goers who took the doll’s photo without permission are said to experience horrible fates as a result.

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