This Is The Tough Love Advice You Need For June 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Impulsive actions may feel good in the moment, but long-term consequences usually don’t make these rash decisions worth it, Aries. Hasty choices can cost you relationships, damage your career, and also wreak havoc on your self-respect. This June, take your time in all that you do. Learn to slow the fuck down and listen to both your heart and your mind. There is wisdom within both of these entities, and finding the balance between the two will lead you to success, or at least peace of mind.


Ah, Taurus. As an Earth sign, you like to stay grounded. In June, half the planets will be moving backward and shit is about to get mixed up and interrupted and your affinity for being stubborn will not work in your favor. Flexibility has never been your strong suit. Anyone who spends five minutes with you know this. This month, however, you better be willing to bend a little, because resistance will only be a futile attempt to change the inevitable. Allow what will be to be and enjoy the bumpy ride.


The majority of this month is Gemini season, baby! Buckle up, bitches, because things are about to get very interesting for you and anyone who enters your orbit. Be sure to be very mindful who you spend your time with this month, Gemini. Who you surround yourself with is who you are, after all. You can be a little inconsistent about your feelings towards others, and this June it’s time to get that shit under control. No one likes a two-face. Figure out who you actually like, who you can do without, and stick to those standards. Spending time with the wrong people can turn disastrous for you this month. Be careful.


Stop expecting everyone to just know what it is you’re thinking or that they know exactly what it is you need. None of us are fucking mindreaders, Cancer. We’re all operating from our own experiences, our own expectations, our own viewpoints, including you. Use your damn words this month and articulate what you want from your partner, your friends, your family, etc. Stop being so afraid of conflict or even just the uncomfortable; growth can often arise from a shift in the way things are done, after all.


Not everything can go your way all the damn time, Leo. Sorry, but it’s true. You have a tendency to be a little overbearing (fifth sign of the Zodiac probs), and your bossiness is starting to push people away. In June, work on being more willing to listen to others’ points of view. The people in your life have some good shit to say and being too fixated on your own opinions will be detrimental to your growth and potential. Shut up and listen; you could learn something you really need to hear this month, Leo.


You aren’t fucking perfect; no one is fucking perfect. That’s just life. Stop treating people like projects and understand that you can support the people in your life, but you can’t make them into something that they aren’t. Everyone has their limitations, including you. Instead try and love people as they are, flaws and all. It’ll bring you a lot more peace, trust me.


Relationships aren’t 50/50, stop expecting them to be. Sometimes, you’re going to need more from the people in your life and sometimes people are gonna need more from you. We’re all on different paths in this life, and sometimes one’s road will be rockier than the other person’s. Stop being impatient or wrapped up in the injustice of one person sometimes dominating a conversation or needing more support than you’re asking from them. Because, one day, it’s going to be you on the other side.


You can be a little possessive, can’t you, Scorpio? Knock it off. Everyone is their own person and you can’t control anyone else, even if you want to. Let your friends make mistakes without demonizing them because they didn’t listen to your advice, let your partner have their own life, and stop expecting everything to be a certain way. Life is constantly changing, things evolve, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So embrace it.


Would you chill the hell out, dude? Your proclivity for being reckless isn’t going to work in your favor this month (just like it hasn’t ever in your entire fucking life). As it’s been said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results; why keep making all of these rash decisions if you know it’s never come full circle before? Take a deep breath, slow down, learn to think things through, and watch your life improve. Yes, it’ll be less exciting, less ~dangerous~ But that’s okay. Your life doesn’t have to be a shitshow to be enjoyed.


Let it fucking go. Whatever it is you’re hanging onto. Whether that’s unkind words said by a friend, a breakup, an almost relationship ending, not getting that promotion, whatever. LET. IT. GO. Hanging onto the past will only lead to skinned knees, a bruised ego, and a tired heart. You have much better use of your energy, so redistribute that shit and lean into the freefall that is moving on.


Let your damn guard down already. People can hurt you, life is scary, and emotions are hard. But so fucking what? It’s part of being a human. Living your life half-assed by refusing to feel what lives in your heart is not only a cheap way to lead your life, it’s also cowardly. Learn to speak up when you’re hurt, tell someone when you love them, and let your voice be heard. Your thoughts and feelings hold value, so speak the hell up.


Learn to depend on yourself more. Stop clinging to everyone else for validation and learn to do it for damn yourself. You’re allowed to feel good about yourself without someone else’s approval, you know. You don’t need everyone to like you either. Stop chasing people who don’t want to be chased, respect that they aren’t interested, and love yourself anyway. It’ll be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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