You Will Fall In Love Again

I know it doesn’t feel like it right now. I know your heart is scattered all across your bedroom floor as you try and figure out where it all went wrong. I know you’re hurting and angry and wondering why love isn’t always enough to make things last, why something that feels so real and so strong can actually, in the end, mean nothing at all. I know, I know, I know.

But you will love again.

You will love again even though their last words are still dancing in your head. You will love again even though their last kiss is still lingering on your lips. You will love again even though they promised you forever and still walked away. You will love again even though your heart is still beating to the sound of their name.

Because the crazy thing about love is that it always comes back.

And you probably won’t recognize it at first. Because love comes back wearing different bones. Loves comes back holding you with different arms. Love comes back with brown eyes instead of blue. Love comes back when you’re not ready, and it comes back when you are.

Love comes back saying “I love you” in a voice you haven’t heard before, showing you that they mean what they say with different gestures and different ways to let you know they are yours. Love comes back with quirks and hands you’ll have to learn all over again.

And I know. I know that all of this means nothing right now. I know this doesn’t fix the fact that your heart is still in pieces all over your bedroom floor. I know your mind is still consumed with what ifs. I know that their eyes are the only ones you see. I know how hard it is to move on and break free.

I know that this love is comfortable, even though it became toxic and unhealthy. And I know you just wanted it to be them so fucking bad. I know you thought they were The One. I know they taught you that you were capable of feeling something so raw and so strong. I know you want to keep hanging on, just in case.

But you need to let go. It’s the only way to become free. It’s the only way to invite love back.

Because if you don’t walk away, you risk missing the chance to meet another love again. You miss your shot at second love or third love or even fifth love. You’re keeping yourself caged in something that just isn’t meant to be.

So as hard as it is, as much as it hurts, have faith in the universe and have faith in yourself that you will fall in love again.

After all, you already have once. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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