Date A Woman Who Reads


Date a woman who reads, who gets lost in bookstores and within the stories of places and people, falling in love with characters she’s never met and worlds she’s never been to. She doesn’t read to escape reality, though, but to experience another version of it. All of the words she consumes transport her to a different place, to a different time, to a different mind, all of which expand her horizons and make her feel alive.

Because when you date a woman who reads, you’re dating a well traveled woman, not only geographically, but historically and emotionally. She’s been to the roaring ‘20’s, within the beautiful minds of the world’s greatest artists. She’s been to war torn lands and orphanages, she’s learned the hardships of a life outside her own, making her more empathetic and aware that life is more than what she sees in front of her.

And with this knowledge, she always aims to be better, to try harder, and is always hungry for more. When she finishes one book, she’s back at the library or local bookstore, ready to be transported again and again.

And please remember that when you date a woman who reads, the books which speak loudest to her soul, the ones that touch her the most deeply and move her farther than she thought she would ever go, are the ones that are most important. So when she tells you about the lines that she loves the most, when she explains which characters she finds aversive and which ones she wants to emulate, listen closely and carefully. After all, she is showing you pieces of herself.

So read those books that she felt a deep connection with, and you’ll understand her own a bit better. You’ll get a glimpse into the world as she knew it before you, or into the world where she wants to go. You’ll learn what makes her cry, what makes her laugh, what makes her angry.

But mostly, when you date the woman who reads, make sure you share your own favorites, too. Show her the pieces that shaped you, the ones that remind you of what has broken you. The ones that make you happy. Because your story is another she’s just getting started on, and she can’t wait to be lost in it with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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