12 Reasons Why Women Who Are Used To Being Alone Always Come Out On Top

12 Reasons Why Women Who Are Used To Being Alone Always Come Out On Top

Women who are used to being alone are unique and mysterious creatures.

Many do not understand them at first but once you know more of what’s going on behind their solitude, you will see why women who are used to being alone always come out on top.

Here are 12 reasons why.

1. They don’t allow toxic people in their lives.

Women who are used to being alone are better than most people at cutting people out of their lives with no hesitation. They will not associate with those who are toxic and negative. They would rather be alone than waste their precious energy socializing with people who are no good for their soul.

2. They are the most genuine friends.

Women who are used to being alone cultivate a small group of close friends. They are comfortable with their life and don’t feel the need to keep adding people to their lives. They don’t have the need to win people over. They know that the people who are meant to be in their lives will effortlessly come to their lives and stay. It may not be easy for them to make friends but when they find people they click with, they truly appreciate them and want them their lives. Once you become their friend, you will receive the most genuine love and support.

3. They are confident.

Women who are used to being alone are confident in who they are. They have less of a need for peer acceptance than most. They have a well-defined sense of identity, and their actions are in line with their morals and beliefs. They have a strong value because they have a strong sense of self.

4. They are okay with being single.

Women who are used to being alone don’t care if they don’t have a romantic partner in their lives. They won’t compromise their happiness just to be involved with someone. They are open to love, but they want the ideal partner. They are looking for a positive and fulfilling relationship and are willing to wait for it. They don’t have the need to be with someone because they are content enjoying their own company. They are single because they choose to be. It is their choice. And until they find a suitable partner, they use all their time to grow, to reach their goals, and to work on building a better life, for a better future.

5. They are the best partners.

Women who are used to being alone will not date just to have someone to cling to – someone to fill up the empty space on the other side of the bed. When they date, they date with good intentions, but it takes someone special to be a part of their world. When they bring you to be a part of their lives; they’re invested in you and will remain invested in you no matter the distraction. They’ll defend you when nobody else will and be at your side when everyone else abandons you. Their love is strong and unconditional.

6. They are emotionally strong.

​Women who are used to being alone are amazingly strong-willed when tough situations come their way. They have incredible focus and will power as a result of their frequent reflection and alone time. They can feel overwhelmed by stressful situations, but instead of getting caught up with distractions, they decide to spend some time alone to recharge so they can get in touch with their inner strength. They fight and win their own battles.

7. They are great problem solvers.

Women who used to being alone tend to be better at problem-solving because they have the time to formulate patterns and find solutions to problems. They have the time to work through options. Spending time alone helps them work through issues at their own pace, their own time, and present solutions in a more organized way.

8. They don’t rely on other people.

They are headstrong and are used to running their life efficiently without any help. They know that it’s very hard to find people who are dependable so they have learned to not depend on anyone but themselves. They struggle with letting others do things for them, as they aren’t used to other’s looking out for them.

9. They get things done.

Women who spend time alone tend to have more time to be creative with their projects, homes, and goals. They know how they want to use their time and are better at meeting deadlines and hitting their goals because they can work free from distractions.

10. They are unfuckwithable.

Women who are used to being alone have worked really hard to find their inner peace. Their solitude has gotten them to a place where they will not allow negative outside forces to ruin their aura. They don’t care what others say or do, and when anyone tries to criticize them or bring them down, they just brush them off and ignore them. They will never try to please anyone but themselves. They will never apologize for being who they are, and will always stay true to themselves.

11. They have a strong connection with themselves.

Women who are used to being alone have learned to really get to know themselves. They understand themselves perfectly. They enjoy doing their favorite things alone – reading books, writing, walking in the park, playing an instrument, going on solo dates, learning new things, etc. Spending a lot of time alone because it gives them the freedom to do things they actually love doing, instead of just the things they need to do. They never feel lonely, they embrace the time they spend with themselves. Through their alone time, they discover hidden parts of themselves and the world around them.

12. They are comfortable in their own skin.

Women who are used to being alone have learned to live in their own skin – to be happy with their flaws, to appreciate their scars, to take care of themselves and most importantly to love themselves. They have learned that real beauty doesn’t have standards and that their size or striations on their body do not define their beauty or worth. They live comfortably in the skin that houses their soul because they know that the power to be truly beautiful, it is not reflected in the eyes of others, but it comes from within. They know that true beauty is self-defined, self-created, and self-celebrated.

Women who are used to being alone have built a solid foundation under their feet. Their solitude has given them the weapons they need to fight the battles that lie ahead, and best believe that no matter what comes their way. They will always come out on top. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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