30 Things You Have To Check Off Your Bucket List Before Turning 30

30 Things You Have To Check Off Your Bucket List Before Turning 30

Where has time gone?

It seems like I went from being 21, 22, 23, 24 and bam 29!!

For many of us our plans didn’t quite turn out as we wanted, and you know what it’s OK! Many of us thought that we would have our shit figured out by the time we turned 30. Sure, we will settle down someday, create beautiful families and have our life together. But now twenties is a time for adventure.

I have one more year left being a 20-something so during this time I plan on being a little bit reckless and a little bit more responsible. I will make goals and crush them. And most importantly, I will make memories that I will never forget.

There are so many things to do, to see and places to explore that you can check off your bucket list before turning 30 (or even if you already have).

Here are 30 things you should do, from adrenaline-pumping activities to experiences that help you grow and things you should learn.

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. From preparing for the jump and the sound of the airplane taking off… it’ll get all your senses engaged. Then you have the jump itself which is incredible! There aren’t enough words to describe what it feels to skydive. If jumping out of a plane still sounds scary, you can always do indoor skydiving.

2. Bungee jumping

Flinging yourself off a bridge, cliff edge or building with an elastic band attached to your ankles does sound a bit scary. However, Bungee Jumping is the perfect way to face your fears and confront them, head first (literally). This not only applies to the obvious fears – but your other fears in life too.

3. Swimming with the sharks

Despite what you have seen in movies like Jaws, the truth is that sharks are magnificent, beautiful creatures. Seeing these amazing creatures up close and personal can help you to truly understand the majesty of these creatures. Swimming with the sharks, it’s a thrilling, once in a lifetime adventure.

4. Overcome your fears

Your fears hold you back but don’t let them. Take steps to overcome whatever your fears may be. Once you know you what you are capable of, anything is possible.

The first three on this list are definitely extreme but put yourself out there and experience that exhilarating feeling of staring death in the face. It is worth it. Trust me. When you do something that may seem like the craziest idea you’ve ever had in your life, you will realize that any other challenges and fears in life are pale in comparison.

But if an extreme sport still is too much for you, then try to do something out of your comfort zone, something that is challenging and go do it.

5. Zorbing

This is a seriously fun activity that is very popular and suitable regardless of the individual’s physical ability.

6. Travel to foreign countries

Travel is expensive but it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. Have your passport ready and head somewhere that’s nothing like home—Paris, London, Tokyo or any country you’ve always wanted to visit. Expand your horizons, and your mind will be widened by the exposure to new customs, languages, and landscapes.

7. Plan a trip to Las Vegas

Go for a weekend with a few of your friends. Party. Go crazy. Laugh your ass off. Vegas is where you can do all sorts of things without being judged.

8. Run a race

Depending on your physical condition you should do a marathon, triathlon or a 5k. Pushing yourself physically is good for your body and good for your mind.

9. Start your 401K

Do yourself a favor and start saving now.

10. Learn a foreign language

There are so many benefits from learning a foreign language. Learning a new language enables you to gain a more profound understanding of other cultures.

11. Fulfill your wildest sex fantasy

Whether it is to have sex in the beach, an airplane, on a rooftop or whatever floats your boat, just do it. Be safe though and get your freak on.

12. Go to a musical festival

When you go to a live concert, you can dance, you can scream and sing your heart out and just being there watching your favorite bands is the best feeling ever. There are so many music festivals like iHeart Radio, Coachella, Sasquatch, Rock on the stage or you can see the Top 15 Music Festivals here.

13. Read more

I could go on and on with a list of benefits of reading (but if you’re curious, read this here ).

14. Learn new culinary skills

When you learn to cook new recipes, it helps you understand world cultures, customs, and flavors. You will be able to cook your own delicious meals whenever you want, which can also help you save money. Also, consider all the dates you’ll impress with your mad cooking skills.

15. Go skinny dipping

Because swimming naked is pretty awesome.

16. Climb a mountain

Mountains have such magic to them and climbing a mountain is the furthest thing from easy. Climbing a mountain is definitely challenging and it will take a toll on your body, however, once you make it to the top, you will realize how amazing it feels to get there. It is like reaching a goal and realizing that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

17. Scuba diving or snorkeling

70% of the world consists of water – why only explore 30%? Scuba diving allows us to see more of the world. Discovering the underwater world is truly an incredible experience and completely different from earth as you know it.

18. Travel solo somewhere

Everyone should travel alone at least once. Solo travel gives you the chance to go wherever you like and to step outside of your comfort zone. It also gives you the freedom to explore new places at your own pace and chase crazy-ambitious travel goals.

19. Spend a night camping under the stars

There is no better way to really spend time in the outdoors than camping. Just yourself, maybe some friends or the family. Camping is great to forget about your problems, to get away from your busy life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

20. Go whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting can be one of the most adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking activities out there. No matter what size rapids you’re tackling, you’ll definitely meet your summer excitement quota.

21. Spend some time volunteering

Doing good is always a good thing for others, but devoting yourself to a cause is also good for your soul and your sanity; it’s so inspiring to have an interest and a project outside of work and your social life.

22. Take a cross-country trip

Everyone needs to do this trip at least once in their lives and see the country they live in. We see pictures in magazines, scenes from movies and read about the beauty of America, but to actually witness it yourself is surreal.

23. Attend a major sports event

Like the Olympics, Superbowl, World Cup, or World Series.

24. Go skiing

Get out in the fresh mountain air, recharge your batteries and invigorate your well-being. Skiing is not only fun but you get to release the stress of daily life and by flying down the snow-covered mountains.

25. Nascar experience

A ride along in a Nascar car, or you can drive one if you dare will give you an incredible adrenaline rush. Driving at high speeds will feel like you are in a Fast and Furious movie.

26. Pay off your debt

Start working towards being debt-free. You can develop smart habits in your 20s that will help you become debt-free and stay that way. Here’s what you can do in your 20’s to be debt free in your 30s.

27. Take a class

Take dance lessons, learn about photography, or enroll in an art class. You just may discover a new side of yourself in the process.

28. Learn how to play an instrument

We all love music but learning to play an instrument and being able to create your own music is fantastic.

29. Go to a beer or wine tasting

There are so many different wines and beers out there and going beer/wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to explore new flavors and it’s a great way to socialize.

30. Make a list of 40 new things to do before you turn 40

Once you mark the items off your list then work on making a new list. Never stop learning. Never stop exploring. Enjoy life while you are young and in good health.

Each day that goes by marks another day that you are getting older and as harsh as this sounds, the truth is we all going to die one day. We can either be busy dying or be busy living.

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