5 Wintertime Dating Outfits Women Wear That Men Actually Hate

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Dressing for freezing temperatures is a huge pain in the butt — and it’s even worse when you’re getting ready for a date. On top of the usual “I have nothing to wear!” line that comes out of your mouth every time you open your closet door, you’re faced with the stress of trying to survive harsh, unpredictable weather conditions while still looking cute. Mission impossible.

What’s warm but not bulky? How do I layer without looking like a giant pillow? What’s weather-appropriate and cute? To help narrow it down, we turned to the men. While they may not seem to care about fashion, they do love to play fashion police. And, it turns out, they have a lot to say about your winter style—and how it affects them.

“I once went on a wintry date with someone who was freezing the entire time because she refused to wear anything that covered her face or hair — it was miserable and I even felt guilty,” says Jake, 26, “there’s nothing more attractive than the self-confidence of a woman who’s okay with looking a little less than ideal in order to be happy and comfortable.”

So we can sacrifice fashion to stay warm? Well, not quite. As you’ll see below, there are definitely exceptions to that rule. And, the biggest culprits? Well they’re some of the warmest items in your closet. Ug(g)h!

1. Uggs

The number one winter-attire offender? You guessed it: Uggs. This doesn’t come as a surprise. And while women probably wouldn’t wear them to a dinner or drinks date, the comfy boots do tend to pop up on day dates … but not if Anup has anything to say about it. They’ve got to go, the 31-year-old explains.

M.S., 25, agrees. And according to Isaiah, 22, “They’ve become tacky. Tights and Uggs. EEK!!”

Sure, they’re not the most attractive footwear, but for the record, guys, no one is wearing them because they’re fashionable. I mean, have you ever put your feet in a pair? Insta-warm.

2. Hats, especially indoors

While guys agreed that it’s important for us to not freeze, they think we’re overdoing it with the winter accessories, specifically the hat. “I think winter knit hats look really silly on girls, especially if they wear one on a date,” says Jon, 30, “I don’t like when a girl is wearing way too many things and looks like she is about to go trekking across Antarctica. Just because you want to warm up doesn’t mean you should try to show off eight different accessories at once.”

3. Short dresses

The fellas made it loud and clear that they want us to be practical. And as much as they might love mini dresses in the spring and summer, no one likes seeing you shiver trying to pull one off in the winter.

“Skimpy dresses in the cold night air are a problem because I’ve seen girls that look like they’re n the verge of getting hypothermia or pneumonia,” says Sean, 23.

Jake also thinks it’s ridiculous. “I keep seeing girls in Vegas-style short dresses freezing their assess off. It’s just embarrassing.” His solution? “Put some damn pants on, it’s snowing out.”

And while we’re on the subject of snow, M.S. says wearing high heels is not cool. “Don’t make us hold you up while we walk home.”

4. Fur coats

Real or faux, the guys want the furry coats to go. “Don’t overdo the damn coats,” says Duncan, 24, “Having a furry, large coat, just tells me you spend too much money and will make me think you’re an idiot.

Chris, 26, also doesn’t like the message it sends. “In all honesty, I look at girls in fur and the first thing I think is that girl is a stuck-up snob. Also, it’s cruel to animals.”

M.S. is also not a fan of the snugly material, especially “those big furry earmuffs.”

5. Leather boots

“Leather boots are for motorcycles and the bedroom,” says Shraga, 22, “How do they keep you warm in winter?”

No, they’re not the warmest, but I was surprised by this one. I think it depends on what we pair them with. I mean, because if we can’t wear Uggs, high heels or leather boots in the winter, we really can’t go on this date, guys! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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