9 Items Every Gentleman Has In His Closet

There are certain things that every gentleman needs for success and style, items that can transform a simple outfit or transfer easily from day to night. With these staples, every new thing he chooses to buy has the perfect foundation. And in partnership with Stetson Caliber for their New Rules of Chivalry, here are the 9 items that no guy can start a real wardrobe without.


1. Straight-legged black jeans.

Black jeans are always fashionable, and easy to pair with anything, from dressy to casual. Get them in a classic cut and they’ll be one of the most versatile items in your closet. You can wear them for a night out, pair them with a cozy sweater, or add a crisp white button-down for a casual day at work, and you’ll still look stylish.

2. A few quality scarves.

Who said scarves weren’t for men? They provide style and elegance while being highly functional (anyone who has windy winters knows that protecting the neck is an essential thing). Style and substance together are unbeatable, and having both a solid wool and statement patterned scarf at your disposal can decide the overall look of a whole outfit.

3. A neutral wool coat.

Winter is coming, and there is no reason to spend it in awkward puffer jackets. A simple, classic wool coat in a color like navy, black, or grey is the way to upgrade your entire cold-weather wardrobe, and start feeling like a real gentleman.

4. A signature scent.

Gentlemen must go bold, and walk into a room with the brooding, definitive scent that lets people know they’ve arrived. Something like Stetson Caliber – the earthy scent of confidence and classic masculinity – will only add to a gentleman’s presence. Never overwhelming, a good scent leaves people wondering, “I love that. What was it?”

5. Wingtip boots.

A wonderful man once told me to never skimp out on anything that goes between your feet and the ground you walk on. Take it to heart. You’ll want a nice pair of wingtip boots to save you from years of achy feet, and do it in solid leather style. A well-built wingtip goes far — you can wear them to work, parties, and even grocery shopping. It ties together an otherwise-casual fall outfit and makes it feel perfectly mature.

6. Thick cotton shirt.

Even gentlemen need their beginner’s basics to start out with. A durable cotton shirt means the world in a gentleman’s closet. It has a more sturdy, deliberate look than a traditionally thin office button-down, and you can pair it with almost anything – wear it through nearly every season.

7. Leather jacket.

On top of the gutsy, confident attitude that leather jackets always exude, they provide underrated comfort with sleek and classic style. On top of being much more cozy than it looks, one of the best things about a well-made leather jacket is that it’s long lasting, durable, and requires minimal upkeep. In other words, it’s the perfect investment.

8. An investment watch.

Once you have your leather jacket, it’s important to get a watch that is its equal in understated style, high-quality material, and all-purpose wearability. A leather band wristwatch can mean all the difference to an outfit, and is one of the few accessories where a gentleman can really let his taste and personality shine.

9. Chukkas.

When you get tired of loafers – and every gentleman does from time to time – it might be time to change it up with chukkas, a low-ankled boot that’s perfect for casual social wear. It strikes the perfect balance between boot and shoe, and they come in both leather and suede (I prefer the latter). Thought Catalog Logo Mark


This post brought to you by Stetson Caliber.