11 Fragrances That Should Be In Every Man’s Wardrobe

Most men buy scents based on what girlfriends (or in some cases, mothers) tell them what smells good. Although that’s a foolproof way to go by, men should buy fragrances that they like. Stop appeasing your partner. Buy it to smell like a real man, not some projection of what your partner thinks you should smell like. Don’t buy into that nonsense. Build your own signature scent. Own it. Make it yours. Be the man that can rock YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme and bring back the synthetic 80s to everyone’s nostrils. You won’t find any Armani here. Go off the road. You deserve it.

1. Aventus (Creed, 2010)

CREED Boutique / CREED - Aventus
CREED Boutique / CREED – Aventus

Creed is, by far, the best fragrance house to exist on this planet. From Green Irish Tweed to this, they’ve been able to hit a bullseye time and time again. Aventus is no joke. A delicious apple smell, mixed with currants and pineapple leap out at you and softly settles into smoky jasmine and vanilla. This is the No. 1 scent you should have in your wardrobe.

2. Bleecker Street (Bond No. 9, 2005)

Amazon / Bond No. 9. - Bleecker Street
Amazon / Bond No. 9. – Bleecker Street

This is your perfect scent at the office. The scent — a hint of citrus, thyme, cinnamon and cedarwood that settles neatly against the vanilla and patchouli — sticks with you all day. You’ll be sure to get second glances from those envious co-workers of yours wondering what that delicious smell is. Bleecker Street projects and although it’s sold as a unisex fragrance, it is one of the more masculine scents out of Bond No. 9.

3. Amazingreen (Comme des Garçons, 2012)

Amazon / CdG - Amazingreen
Amazon / CdG – Amazingreen

Impress your partner. This summer-y scent kicks the party off with a fresh palmy and peppery note. It’s sweet, yet masculine. It’s CdG’s attempt to enter the mainstream fragrance world, so it’s safe. Let it be your backup scent, you know, just in case you use up all of the Aventus.

4. Eau Noire Cologne (Christian Dior, 2004)

image - Amazon / Dior
Amazon / Christian Dior, Eau Noire Cologne

It’s elegant. It’s aromatic. It’s spicy. It’s heavy. This is the essential fragrance for the night owl in you. The cedar, lavender, and vanilla work together to project and bring longevity to the scent. Don’t go overboard with the spray. Two to three should be enough.

5. L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme (Issey Miyake, 1994)

Amazon / Issey
Amazon / Issey Miyake, L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme

This is one of my favorites and my “signature” scent. It starts off floral, sweet and almost aquatic, but settles into a nice tobacco-like sandalwood. Issey is a great summer fragrance — the heat really brings out the notes tenfold. Women really dig this fragrance. Don’t bother messing around with L’Eau D’Issey pour Homme Sport — it’s boring, super sweet and very similar to Lacoste Essential.

6. Voyage d’Hermès (Hermès, 2010)

Amazon / SA
Amazon / Hermès, Voyage d’Hermès

A safe contemporary fragrance to have in your arsenal, Voyager is one of Hermés’ unisex scents. This is totally different from their famous Terre d’Hermès. Voyager is lighter, refined, and far more balanced. Also, check out that elegant bottle design.

7. John Varvatos (John Varvatos, 2004)

Amazon / John Varvatos
Amazon / John Varvatos, John Varvatos

The bottle comes bound with leather. Its design and scent screams masculine. There’s leather, tobacco, cinnamon, and vanilla all packed into the bottle. It’s original, it’s moody, and it brings depth to the table. One thing’s for sure, though. It’s mature as hell.

8. Rive Gauche pour Homme (Yves Saint Laurent, 2003)

Amazon / YSL, Rive Gauche pour Homme
Amazon / YSL, Rive Gauche pour Homme

Ah, good old Tom Ford, partnering up with YSL to bring you this classic masculine smell. It starts off very powdery and peppery, then settles into a Barbasol-like patchouli scent. It’s heavy, so go light on the spray.

9. Aspen for Men (Coty, 1989)

Amazon / Coty, Aspen for Men
Amazon / Coty, Aspen for Men

By far the most inexpensive scent on this list, Aspen for Men is undeniably worth every single penny. (You can buy it for $5.00 at your nearest drugstore.) It is masculine, fresh, and people say it reminds them of Creed’s Green Irish Tweed (which is about 35 times more expensive than Aspen). I thought it smelled like Davidoff’s Cool Water. It’s delicious.

10. H.M. (Hanae Mori, 1997)

Hanae Mori Parfums / Hanae Mori, H.M.
Hanae Mori Parfums / Hanae Mori, H.M.

H.M. is sweet, pleasant and it’s one of the perfect office or “First Time Meeting The Parents” scent. Floral, welcoming, warm, this is that smell your future in-laws will remember you by. H.M. sticks close to the skin, but lasts a long time (6-8 hours) and it’s perfect for when people go in for the hug.

11. Bleu de Chanel (Chanel, 2010)

Amazon / Chanel, Bleu de Chanel
Amazon / Chanel, Bleu de Chanel

This is a must-have fragrance that suits any occasion. This versatile Chanel fragrance smells luxurious, refined, all topped with peppermint, incense, sandalwood, and hints of citrus and vetiver. People will salivate over this. There’s not much sillage (at least, for me), but it’s crisp and perfect for those times you go out with your significant other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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