27 Hilarious Spelling Mistakes That People On Twitter Can’t Stop Making

Twitter is a goldmine of word vomit, and this post is where I’ve captured them for the sake of your amusement. This means that you will hopefully stop making these egregious spelling mistakes (or begin to, for laughs). This post is dedicated to Devon.

1. “no manors”

These kids must be rich as hell to complain about people having no manors.

2. “Mindgrain”

I’m getting a migraine from reading these Tweets.

3. “a stake”

No, not the kind you stab into a vampire’s chest — the ones you eat. Steak.

4. “i sware”

I think some of these kids will come swearing at me after this post.

5. “poopin bottles”

I’m in pain, but not because I’ve been pooping bottles, though.

6. “running some aarons”

This. Actually. Happened.

7. “…hippocrates”

Looks like some people need to take the Hippocratic oath.

8. “your my… angle”

9. “on a crews”

There are crews on a cruise ship, yes.

10. “bombfire”

Never throw a bomb into a bonfire. It will damage you.

11. “honers”

Replace the ‘h’ with a ‘b’ and you get…? Well, it’s still not “honors.”

12. “live bicuriously”

13. “drink champain”

14. “regular bases”

15. “no longer aloud”

16. “ginger ail”

17. “my daling”

It’s cute, but really? (It also sort of looks like “Dalek,” which I want to stay away from.)

18. “barry the hatchet”

They can spell “hatchet” right, but not bury.

19. “…for granite”

I don’t know anyone that takes granite as payment, but these guys do.

20. “…minus well”

Might as well let them keep going like this.

21. “umbeyonce”

They actually mean “ambiance,” but you know, sound it out, right?

22. “petafile”

Yes, you’re right…you can tell who’s one of them PETA advocates.

23. “windshield factor”

Okay, if you couldn’t guess, it’s “wind chill factor.” Seriously.

24. “…the sealing”

25. “pay amish”

Pay homage to the Amish!

26. “time heals all wombs”

27. “…smell like colon”

I saved the best for last. You’re welcome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Twitter

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