50 Poems About Life, Love, And Everything Else

Poetry is everywhere. It’s in the air we breathe, it’s in the rustling of the trees, it’s in streets of a city, and it’s in every corner of the universe; every place known and unknown to man. We are all poets. Some of us may not be through words, but through our actions and thoughts.

So here are 50 poems from a book I’ll probably never publish entitled “Box Of Chocolates” As we pick through milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, we also get a taste of the essence of life, the lightness of love, and the sorrow of heartbreak:


White Lies

You told me you loved me,
but your eyes were empty.
You told me you loved me,
but you were staring across the room.
You told me you loved me,
but your voice gave in.
You told me you loved me,
but you just didn’t.
I told you I loved you,
and I looked into your eyes.
You knew it, I knew it,
At least one of them was true.


These pictures
are the only things
I can hold on to,
to remember the way
things used to be
when I was with you.

Nicotine Addict

I was your cigarette
and you were my lighter.
You lit me up and burned me.
The touch of your spark
made me feel so alive.
With each breath and blow,
you would take a piece of me with you
and let it go
just as fast as you consumed me.
I would relax you and calm you down.
But I was fading away. I was deteriorating.
My ashes were becoming one
with the rubble beneath your feet.
And after you’ve finished me off,
there was nothing left of me.
You threw me away.
I wasn’t special.
I wasn’t unique.
I was just your escape.
I was the nicotine you needed.

Breaking Beats

My heart skipped a beat
when you said my name.
My heart did a tumble
when you felt the same.
My heart sank a little
when I knew what you had done.
My heart died completely
when I found out you were gone.

To Love And To Care

To love is to sacrifice.
To care is to give way.
I was once knew a man,
who felt the same way.
He loved and he cared
and he did so much more.
But the last time I saw him
he walked out the door.
I guess to love is to try
and to care is to understand.
Now I know the reason why
he never held my hand.
To him,
To love is a second
and to care is a minute.
I’m glad I know why
we weren’t a perfect fit.

Caught Up

My eyes were for you
but your eyes were for another.
You were staring across the room
gazing at each other.
From that moment on
my heart was hard as stone.
You made me realize
that I was meant to be alone.

The City Lights

I’m wandering through the streets,
the city lights blinding me.
I stumble from bar to bar
drinking the pain away.
But now, I’m lost
and I don’t know where to go.
So now I walk towards
the only place I know.

Above The Shore

Remember the cliff
we used to dive?
Remember the water
that made us feel so alive?
Remember the salt,
the sea and the sand?
Remember the way
you used to hold my hand?

Fear Of Falling

Why are we so afraid
to fall in love?
Is it the hurt, the heartbreak,
or not being enough?
Why are we so afraid
to even try?
To take a risk, to jump
to soar, to fly?
But in this lifetime
I can’t seem to say
I’ll find someone for me,
I’ll find someone who’ll stay.

Lock And Key

You can’t open a lock
with the wrong key.
Just like you and I,
we were never meant to be.

Ice Cream

Cold and sweet
was your middle name.
Just like ice cream
you tasted the same.
But as the sun shined
you melted in my hand.
You were just a temporary satisfaction,
another grain in the sand.

Empty Spaces

Why won’t you let me in?
Take down your walls
and leave your door open.
Why did you leave me in the dark
in an empty space
with a broken heart?


With lips so soft
and skin so pale,
how could anyone hurt
such a fragile thing?
With eyes so bright
and a body so frail
how could you even
leave someone hanging?

Navigation To Nowhere

Maps are complicated
if you aren’t familiar with the place.
I got lost and confused
as I navigated my way.
All the twists and turns
couldn’t lead me to my destination.
I couldn’t find you anywhere.
Not even in the nearest train station.

Poison Apple

Red and shiny,
a temptation.
One bite,
a contemplation.
Poison strikes,
a toxic creation.

Tough Times

I was never enough,
you’d always say.
It was always so tough
for me to see you this way.
When things got rough
you never asked me to stay.
I packed all my stuff
and finally walked away.


Shots of whiskey
bottles of beers
Margaritas and martinis
toasts and cheers.
Behind smiles and laughter
are the pain and sorrows
drinking the night away
and forgetting tomorrow.

Through The Curtains

Light and I
play hide and seek.
In the mornings,
Light always peeks
through the curtains
and windows it shines
I cover my face
the brightness it blinds.
My blankets and pillows
conceal me from being found.
And slowly light fades
no words, no sounds.


Morning Coffee

You are like my morning coffee.
A thought when I wake up
and my energy for the rest of the day.
Every warm sip I take
touches my soul.
It ignites a spark
that keeps me going.
Before I fall asleep,
all I can think about
is how I get to drink you in again,
and taste your warm touch
that soothes my body.
I can’t wait to feel the rush
that your warmth brings,
like tiny kisses
burning in me.
But what I love about each day
after I open my eyes,
I can’t help but feel the need
to make my morning coffee.

Slow Dancing

Your hands on my waist
and my arms around your neck,
whispering things only we could hear
is a feeling I’ll never forget.

Goodnight World

As the sunset-colored sky fades
and the stars sprinkle the heavens,
the moon peaks out to take a look
at the wonderful sight it sees.
It casts a faint light over the earth
as it moves to comfort the dark.
Its glow reflects on the water
and illuminates the streets and cities.
It balances the contrasts it makes
so that there will be no absence of light
and no consuming darkness.
But as dawn arrives,
the moon will disappear into the light
fading into white, gray, then blue.
‘Goodnight world, for it is time.
I sleep every morning to let sun shine.
You’ll see me again when the sun goes down,
I’ll be with the stars
waiting to come out.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He loves me,
he loves me not.
These petals falling
are soon to rot.
But as I circle this flower
delicate and sweet.
I hope I pick the one
which tells me you love me.


The coldness of winter
would turn my nose red.
It made my cheeks burn,
it made me blush he said.
He’d grab my scarf,
wrapping it tighter around me.
In his arms
is the only place I’d rather be.

Late Night Adventures

Blankets, pillows,
beds and sheets
remind me of you
when it’s time to sleep.
When the bed sinks
and the springs creak,
I know it’s time
to advance what I seek.

Milky Way

Your eyes were like galaxies
big, dark and round.
I have made some discoveries,
some still waiting to be found.
In another dimension,
we might not be the ones.
But in this lifetime
I’m glad we’ve come undone.

Rocks And Rivers

Waves in the ocean,
clashing waters.
Fish in the sea
chasing rivers.
Fire from a match
barely flickers.
You and I
the best of lovers.

Silence Speaks

We were quiet
for quite some time.
You didn’t say a word
not even a rhyme.
The dead silence
was a perfect time
to realize I was yours
and you were mine.

Hands Of Gold

Before you,
I was clay.
But you molded me
into the person I am today.
Without you
I wouldn’t have become a vase.
Standing here
with beauty and grace.
Before you,
I was a blank canvas.
No lines, no shades, no hues.
But when you came along
you turned my whites
into yellows, greens and blues.


A needle and thread
were partners in crime.
Whatever was broken,
they’d fix it in no time.
They’d patch things up
as they worked together.
They’re the perfect match
to make all things better.

A Night We’ll Never Forget

I straighten your tie
as you take in my dress.
I apply my make up
with only you to impress.
I scan the mirror
to make sure everything’s alright.
This evening’s one I’ll never forget
as we dance through the night.

Stars Aligned

Last night was amazing
laying under the stars.
As we lay there gazing
looking for Mars.
I was looking at the sky
but you were staring at me.
The freckles across my face
resembled constellations we could see.
You traced them with your finger
naming the ones you knew.
You saw the Big Dipper
and even the little one too.

Midnight Lust

These stained sheets
remind me of last night’s memories.
Our bare skin
reminds me of every touch.
Your hand in mine
reminds me of how you held me.
Your lips on my shoulder
reminds me of every kiss.
Your words and whispers
remind me of every promise and praise.
The look in your eyes
show all you have to say.


Pull back your bow
and aim at his heart.
Go for the bull’s eye,
that’s where it should dart.
Fire your arrow
and watch the magic start.
He didn’t love you before
but now you own his heart.

Possibility of Gray

Darkness and Light
couldn’t share the same room.
But every day and night
they watched the stars and the moon.
“It is possible for us
to be together, my love
Just look at the skies
and the stars above”

Rom-Com Rain

The twisting and twirling
around the misty air
Your hands on my face
tangling in my hair.
The way we kissed
under the pouring rain,
The sway when we danced
to wash away all the pain.

Peas In A Pod

Burger and fries
cookies and milk
Stars and the skies
satin and silk
Birds and the trees
Apple and pie
Flowers and bees
You and I

Park Bench

With your head on my lap
and my fingers in your hair,
the sun right behind me
as you watch and you stare.
I bow my head down
and whisper in your ear
the little thoughts and secrets
you’ve been wanting to hear.
You smile and you laugh
looking so carefree
the whole world just blurs
and you’re the only thing I see.

Garden Of Green

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You show me each day
why your love is true.
Sunflowers are yellow
Daisies are white
Flowers can’t grow
without a little sunlight.


Red cape,
firm chest
strong arms
one quest.
To save the day
and cause no stress
To fly the world
in search for the damsel in distress.

Fly Away

Come on, let’s fly away
and forget yesterday.
Never want to grow up,
don’t want time to speed up.
Trust me and take my hand,
let’s fly to Neverland.



To travel around the world
is what I crave to do.
To go to Paris, New York,
and even Peru.
To leave without destination
is what I’ve always planned.
Something spontaneous, something exciting,
something bold and grand.

Writer’s Routine

I write to read
and read to write.
What a life this is
pens and papers in sight.
A laptop to type
A pen to write
all my experiences
through day and night

Summer In The South

Summer is my favorite time of the year.
The sand in my toes
and the wind my hair,
The smell of salt
breezing through the air.
But what I love most about summer
is not watching hot guys surf
It’s hanging out with friends
in our ole’ little turf.
The bonfires, the marshmallows,
the camping out.
Is what I love waking up to
when it’s summer in the south.

Essence Of Life

To hear is to listen.
To look is to see.
To shine is to glisten.
To search is to seek.
To love is to kiss.
To risk is to dare.
To touch is to feel.
To live is to care.

Printed Pages

I walked into heaven
as I stepped into the library.
And endless sea of books
we’re in sight right in front of me.
The smell of old pages
and the colorful covers
can take me to places
and do me some wonders


Life is like
a game of chess.
Calculating moves
and waiting for the next.
Going across a board
of black and white.
Meeting pawns and kings
and queens and knights.

Typical Stereotypes

Jocks and cheerleaders
total stereotypes
Nerds and geeks
always the smart guys
Goths and rebels
dressed in black not white
The popular crowd
partying day and night


Staying afloat
in oceans so deep,
Keeping my balance
in mountains so steep.
Falling and drowning
are my worst two fears.
Water and heights
would bring me to tears.

Sunday Morning

Eggs and bacon
on a Sunday morning.
Sipping coffee and tea
while the rain is pouring.
Glued to my couch
or stuck in my bed,
watching Netflix all day
or reading books I’ve never read.


Belly button rings,
dyed hair.
Small tattoos
Intimidating stare.
Chains and boots
eyeliner all black
Dark shirts and shoes
tough surface to crack Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Just a girl with coffee flowing through her veins.