7 Signs You’re A Pluviophile

I love the rain. I love the smell of the wet streets. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting my roof. I love the moisture in the air. I love the grayness of the sky. Some people might say that the definition of a bad weather is rainy weather, but I don’t think so. I think it’s so beautiful when it rains. You see a different side of people. You see a different side of the world. There are a bunch of people who love the rain. What’s not to love? Here are 7 signs that make you a Pluviophile:
Garden State
Garden State

1. You Find Comfort In The Rain

There’s something about the rain that just takes you to nirvana. You can relax and be at a state of peace with yourself. You don’t feel gloomy when it rains, but instead you find joy and happiness. You enjoy staying in and watching Netflix on your couch while eating a bowl of popcorn or you also enjoy reading while sipping on some hot cocoa. The rain makes you feel safe and sound.

2. You Enjoy Being Outside

You don’t care if it’s raining. If you want to go out to buy some groceries, you will go out without any hesitation, just like it’s any other normal day. But what you enjoy the most is not reaching your destination, but getting there. You enjoy walking on the streets seeing other people hurrying up or you enjoy the cab ride because you can stare out the window all day. Your friends may not like to hang out when it’s raining, but that’s okay. The only company you need is the rain.

3. You Just Want To Bottle Up That “After Rain” Scent

The smell on the streets while it’s raining and after it had rained is something I just want to bottle up. Luckily, there are some perfume brands that have tried to make that wet and rainy scent. The smell of the rain just comforts me. It’s like breathing fresh air. It’s moist and cold and it smells so good.

4. You Love The Darkness Of The Sky

I personally hate it when it’s sunny. The sky is so bright and blinding and the heat stings my skin a little. But when it’s raining and the sky is gray, you can finally look up and enjoy the view. You can see the dark clouds and you can see the raindrops falling from the sky. It’s like the darkness of the sky just balances everything out.

5. You Never Leave Your Window

I just love watching the rain fall from the sky. I love rain gazing (if that’s even a thing). I love counting the raindrops on my window. I love watching the raindrops race to the bottom and see which one will win. I love watching the people outside either hate or enjoy the rain. I love seeing that different side to the world. I love that beautiful darkness the rain brings..

6. You Don’t Mind Getting Soaked In The Rain

I feel invincible in the rain, like I could do anything. I don’t care if I get a cold the next day. I don’t mind getting my clothes wet. I like feeling the water on my skin. I like feeling the cold and moist air whoosh through my body. Being in the rain makes me feel alive. It makes me feel free from all my worries, troubles and fears because all that matters is that moment. You might get a fever in the next couple of days, but it was worth it.

7. You Could Listen To The Sound Of Rain All Day

The sound of rain is music to my ears. It makes a different sound every time the raindrops hit something different, like the metal railing on the sidewalk or the leaves on the trees. Whether the rain is light and soft or fast and hard, the sound is just so relaxing and nice to listen to. I don’t need to blast my speakers on rainy day. The sound of the rain will do just fine. TC mark


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