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I Want To Know What Makes Your Heart Beat

Can we hear it in you when you speak of the ones you love? Does it sound in the very vibrations of your voice; in the delicate utterance of soft words escaping from your lips? Does it beat in the teardrops that cling to your eyelashes, in the wells of passion that overflow to trace art upon your cheeks?

Not Being Alone Is A Beautiful Feeling

I look toward the thousand stars that I know are out there, and down to my own shaking hands, and know that there is someone to hold them, and I am filled with such inexplicable solace that I forget, for a moment, to draw breath.

I Will Never Stop Writing About You

You are the perfect arrangement of harmonies that leaves me wondering just how something like you is capable of existing. You are the lyrics so artfully arranged that I am left to desperately try and catch the breath that I’ve forgotten how to take in.