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4 Things Women Wish You Would Say On A First Date

First dates are a lot like job interviews: You can’t score the soul mate or the paycheck without that first meet-and-greet. While some glide through this necessary evil with straight-A finesse, others bumble along a path of C-worthy mediocrity producing mixed results.

7 Tools Single People Can Use To Find Love

Unfortunately, one cannot pick up “A Thick Skin,” “A Healthy Dose of Good Taste,” and “The Right Time To Run” at your local drugstore. But we do have a few essentials every unattached, single lady should keep on hand.

4 Perfect Reasons To Date The Nerdy Guy You Usually Overlook

We are well aware some of you have probably avoided the affections of nerdy men as if each were infected with asymptomatic leprosy. Instead, you likely make a beeline for the David Beckham doppelgänger who hasn’t looked in your direction once.