12 College Kids Reveal How They Really Feel About Entering The ‘Real World’

Leaving the comfort of a college campus behind for the real world is a major milestone. Below are real accounts from actual students currently on the brink of this exciting phase in life.

1. “The way I see it, we all have two choices in life: sit back and watch life happen, or make life happen. I’m all about the second approach. I study hard every single day and I think about my future a lot because I plan to tackle the real world with confidence and poise. It’s such an exciting time and I’m going to enjoy the ride.”

— Abe, 21

2. “College is awesome, but there is SO MUCH to look forward to after graduation. My older brother graduated two years ago and I visit him sometimes. I can see that he’s so much more self-assured and content now that he’s living independently. I can’t wait to experience that for myself.”

— Sarita, 20

3. “My mentor once told me that making mistakes is part of the process of becoming great and I’ve really held onto that advice. I know that every tiny little error I make is just a lesson I can learn from. When you have that kind of attitude, there’s really nothing that can stand in your way! I feel lucky to have such a strong example to live by. I think it’ll serve me well as I get older.”

— J.P., 21

4. “Some people have serious real world jitters and I get that to a certain extent. But me? I’m ready! I’ve been channeling all my nerves into doing well in school. What can I say? I’ve got faith in myself!”

— Carolina, 19

5. “This is what I know about adulthood: You get what you put into it. So I’m going to put everything I’ve got into building a life for myself. I’m already applying for summer internships so I can get a taste of the real world before my time at school is up. Hopefully the experience I get will inform my future plans even more.”

— Miranda, 19

6. “I want to make the most of myself one day, so for now I’m making the most of my education. I take things step by step. I’m not stressed because I know in my heart that if I do my best work, it will lead me to good places in life.”

— Rania, 20

7. “I’ve always been a planner so I think a lot about the future. I’m thoughtful about the classes I enroll in and I’m really conscious about making the most of my time on campus. I know that the more I do now to prepare myself, the better off I’ll be down the line.

— Jasper, 20

8. “I feel so good about my strategy for entering reality a few years from now. I’m using my time at college to save money, learn as much as possible, and become a more well rounded person overall. If I stay the course, I’m absolutely certain I can establish a fulfilling life for myself as a certified grownup.”

— Marty, 18

9. “I enjoy a challenge, so I’m mostly excited about everything to come after graduation. I look forward to being able to say that I’m completely independent from my parents—that I can support myself day in and day out, and navigate the world all by myself.”

— Arabella, 21

10. “The best part about being nerdy is that it pays off more and more as you get older. Since age 14, when I took up babysitting on weekends, I’ve always had a job and a source of income. My plan is to move to a mid-sized city after college and establish myself using the nest egg I’ve been saving up since I was a teen. I feel good about my prospects. Really good.”

— Gopika, 21

11. “When I think about life after college, I imagine myself in a tiny little studio apartment in an exhilarating NYC neighborhood, working two jobs to make ends meet. I will do whatever it takes! I am programmed for success but I’m not at all delusional about how hardworking you have to be to achieve things. Hard work doesn’t scare me. It’s excites me!

— Brittany, 18

12. “I know that if I want to make it without leaning on my parents at all, I’ll have to work for it. But I’m totally okay with that. It’s what motivates me to study for every single exam. I feel so good about every A grade I earn, and I’m going to take that sense of satisfaction I derive from hard work with me into the real world.”

— Vivian, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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