23 Brutal Dating Truths You Have To Accept If You Want True Love (And Not A Fuckboy)

Twenty20, @sangriel
Twenty20, @sangriel

1. If you’re aching for him to take the next step, he’s probably not ready to.

2. If he leaves you to wonder whether or not he likes you, he definitely doesn’t.

3. If he fails to text you back within a reasonable timeframe, he’s not that interested—or, worse yet, he’s an impolite fuckboy.

4. If he makes lame excuses about why he can’t respond in a timely fashion, he thinks you’re an idiot.

5. If he’s hesitant to be exclusive, he’s fooling around with someone else (or thinking about it).

6. If he’s reluctant to call you his girlfriend, he doesn’t deserve the privilege.

7. If he’s wavering over whether he’s “ready for a relationship,” he definitely isn’t—so good riddance already.

8. If he expects to hook up whenever you hang out, he’s in it for the sex.

9. If he makes you feel guilty for not being physical, his true intentions are officially messed up.

10. If he doesn’t seem to care about getting you off, he has zero respect for your mind-blowing orgasmic potential.

11. If he says anything at all derogatory about your naked body, I promise you can do one-thousand times better.

12. If you feel like you have to look hot for him constantly, he’s not doing his part to make you feel as beautiful as you surely are.

13. If he pushes you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with in bed, he’s an unevolved asshole who deserves a public beat down.

14. If he never invites you to hang out with his friends, he doesn’t respect you all that much.

15. If he doesn’t take an interest in your friends or family, he doesn’t give two shits about you, really.

16. If he talks about himself in the third person, he’s an egomaniac in need of a massive reality check.

17. If he insists on going out with “the boys” constantly, he’s just not ready to grow up quite yet.

18. If he runs away whenever things get tough, don’t count on him being there when it really counts.

19. If you feel anything other than safe and loved when wrapped in his arms, it’s just not going to work out.

20. If he doesn’t put effort into winning your heart, you’d be sacrificing a lot by letting him in.

21. If he disrespects his mom, sister, or any other woman, don’t expect him to treat you any differently.

22. If he cringes at the term “feminist,” it’s not worth expending an ounce of energy trying to educate him.

23. If he doesn’t encourage you to speak your mind (even when your opinion differs from his), he’s not worth one more second of your precious time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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