23 Adorable Moments You’ll Experience When You Finally Find True Love

Twenty20, Sphotography
Twenty20, Sphotography

1. You will sit across the table from your significant other, not eating, because you’re way too busy smiling like a couple of love-drunk dopes.

2. You’ll surprise each other with love notes in unexpected places (her handbag, his sock drawer, the medicine cabinet, the fridge) so often that you’ll actually start to expect them.

3. You will text each other sweet messages throughout the day, using emojis in a way you once dismissed as unreasonable or silly.

4. You’ll pause to glance at each other during romantic movie scenes as if to confirm that you both identify with the characters falling madly in love—although their passion can’t possibly match yours.

5. You will grow to hate sleeping alone because you’re literally addicted to the cocoon of your partner’s loving warmth. So when your matching spoon isn’t next to you in bed, you’ll inch over to their side to get a whiff of the remnants of their aura.

6. You’ll feel your heart sink every time you return to an empty house because you’d honestly rather be wherever your boyfriend or girlfriend is at that very moment.

7. You’ll say ‘make love’ even though it sounds super cheesy because ‘fucking’ and ‘hooking up’ both sound so wrong.

8. Whenever you get a little tipsy, you’ll profess your undying commitment to each again and again.

9. You’ll do the whole I-love-you-so-much-I-just-can’t anymore routine when you’re dead sober, too, shocking no one more than yourself with your capacity for sentimentality.

10. You will pack one suitcase for traveling instead of two because you like the idea of your stuff rubbing up against theirs in the trunk of a car or the cabin below.

11. You will beg for forgiveness after each and every fight, truly regretting every single thing you’ve said or done to hurt the person you love.

12. You will wear your significant other’s t-shirt or hoodie when you’re apart so you can sniff little hints of their deodorant, shampoo, or cologne.

13. You will start using some of their toiletries regularly because it makes you feel closer to wash your face with the same exfoliator and/or moisturize your skin with the same body lotion.

14. You will assign each other incredibly corny nicknames that sound ridiculous in a good way.

15. Sometimes, you will pout and ask “Do you love me?” because you’re so comfortable together that you can fish for reassurance and compliments without feeling at all embarrassed.

16. When they reply, “Yes, of course,” you’ll follow-up with: “How much?” eagerly anticipating their exclamation point worthy answer (More than anything in the world! To the moon and back! More than life itself!), which always makes you happy.

17. You will exchange forkfuls of food at restaurants because a delicious meal tastes yet better when your partner knows how good it is too.

18. You will tag your significant other in ridiculously cheesy social media posts, only half ironically.

19. You’ll even use a lame happy couple hashtag once in awhile without caring who judges you for it.

20. You will wrestle each other to the ground and tickle each other and realize that you’re playing more enthusiastically than you did when you were a kid.

21. You’ll get red-faced jealous when they flirt with other people, even if you’re 100 percent certain they’d never cheat, because your biological instinct is to protect your mate. (There’s a science-y name for this, mate guarding, so no one can blame you for it!)

22. You will set goals and feel more accountable than ever to meet them because you don’t want to disappoint the closest thing you’ve ever found to a soulmate.

23. You will start envisioning your future in more detail than ever because life promises to be so much sweeter now that you’ve found your person.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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