13 Former Fuckboys Reveal How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

1. “For years, I was a shameless prick. I’d say literally whatever I had to to get laid. Once, I even claimed to be related to Prince William. It’s embarrassing, but that’s the truth about how I used to act. Then I met Emma, my current girlfriend of six months going on seven, and everything changed. She’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever dated and I refuse to disappoint her.”

— Jared, 27

2. “The day I spotted my fiancée smiling from across the coffee shop in my neighborhood, she had a smidge of latte foam stuck to her upper lip, and my stomach literally turned. I was so nervous, which was weird, because it was usually the other way around. Luckily, when she winked at me, I wasn’t too nervous to take the cue. My life got better right that second.”

— Thatcher, 29

3. “My inner fuckboy took a one-way trip to another universe exactly 123 days ago, when I decided to stop being a dick because I met a girl who deserves the best. She’s the love of my life, and I plan on giving her my personal best for the long haul.”

— Connor, 24

4. “Sometimes I think I’m dating some kind of witch—a good witch—because I feel like I’m under my girlfriend’s spell. It’s been two years now since the day we first made out, right outside some bar near campus, and I’ve been faithful to her from minute one. That’s a personal record.”

— Willy, 25

5. “She wanted nothing to do with me at first, and I wasn’t used to rejection—at all. But that’s not what got me. There was something special between us from the start, something I couldn’t put my finger on and still can’t quite articulate. I’m just glad I had the balls to chase it. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. She finally said ‘yes’ to dinner and the rest is our lovey-dovey history.”

— Vince, 30

6. “I had my run as a single guy out on the town every night. Lost track of my ‘number’ a long time ago. But now that I’m with Cate, I just don’t care about whatever’s going on. I don’t get FOMO. I went from asshole scenester to at-home guy in the matter of a few weeks with her by my side.”

— Sanjay, 26

7. “We were dating casually at first. But about a month in, she went away—just for the weekend, with a few of her friends—and I missed her like crazy. I couldn’t believe it, really. But that’s when I knew this one was different, and definitely worth holding onto.”

— Reid, 25

8. “Back in the day, I used to laugh off the idea of monogamy. I was the guy sipping a whiskey and shaking my head with disappointment whenever a buddy told me he’d popped the question. I just wasn’t interested. Now I realize that I just hadn’t met the right woman. My girlfriend is everyone I could ever want in a best friend, sex kitten, and life partner wrapped in one.”

— Dom, 33

9. “Let’s just say that for a while, Hugh Hefner was my actual role model. I figured I’d be a bachelor for life and bang hot chicks until I was well into my 80s, popping Viagra when I needed to. Not the case anymore. I’m a happily married man. My wife is the person I look up to most. She has such a warm heart. You can’t fake her kind of goodness. All I want to do is make her proud.”

— Bo, 30

10. “I was a ‘not the relationship type’ guy for a solid decade. As soon as I’d sniff out interest in anything more than a hookup from the opposite sex, I’d lay out my disclaimer. All of that stopped when I struck up a conversation with the beautiful woman sitting next to me on the subway one morning. Turned out we had a lot in common—way too much chemistry to risk letting go of. We’ve been together ever since.”

— Jude, 29

11. “A lot of girls tried to convince me that I was wrong about myself—that I was capable of commitment and exclusivity and all that—but only one has ever succeeded and she’s my girl now. How’d she do it? with one perfectly timed, hilarious comment and a playful flip of her ponytail.”

— Emmet, 25

12. “I was a porn addict and a womanizer for years until I met a woman who made me want to be a better person in every way possible. Chloe really saw me for who I was, and accepted me without judgment. She’s helped me so much. I really don’t know what I’d do without her.”

— Carey, 31

13. “I’m a slave to my relationship. I live for my girlfriend and I’m not ashamed to say it. I actually enjoy it. The me from five years ago probably just turned over in his grave, but I’m glad that guy’s dead.”

— Franklin, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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