53 People Describe What Love Is In Exactly Five Words

iStockPhoto.com / AleksandarNakic
iStockPhoto.com / AleksandarNakic

1. “Thinking as ‘we’ not ‘me.’”

2. “Spooning on a Sunday morning.”

3. “When sex becomes actual lovemaking.”

4. “Tackling the world as two.”

5. “Holding hands and feeling complete.”

6. “Wiping away his eye crust.”

7. “When commitment is a privilege.”

8. “Bubble baths as a couple.”

9. “Sensing her presence every second.”

10. “Being home, wanting nothing else.”

11. “Wearing PJs and eating takeout.”

12. “Smiling spontaneously, feeling that lucky.”

13. “When ‘home’ is your person.”

14. “The constant tickle of contentment.”

15. “Adoring every single little quirk.”

16. “That feeling whenever I see him.”

17. “Silly faces just for laughs.”

18. “Bursting with joy just because.”

19. “Feeling like you’ve won life.”

20. “Fighting without thinking ‘the end.’”

21. “Matching tattoos on our hearts.”

22. “Building something bigger than me.”

23. “Knowing that everything’s actually ok.”

24. “Aching when he’s not here.”

25. “Hand squeezes at the movies.”

26. “Choices for us, not me.”

27. “Support though ups and downs.”

28. “Agreeing that we’re better together.”

29. “Best friends who have sex.”

30. “Saying so much without words.”

31. “Always deciding to move forward.”

32. “Eye contact, not fancy presents.”

33. “Needing them more than anything.”

34. “Holding each other just because.”

35. “Forgiving, even when they’re wrong.”

36. “Laughing until one person pees.”

37. “Suddenly feeling much less scared.”

38. “Next level comfort and understanding.”

39. “Experiencing vicarious pain so acutely.”

40. “Appreciating the quiet alongside them.”

41. “Trust with roots like weeds.”

42. “Letting her paint my fingernails.”

43. “The soothing effect he have.”

44. “Worshipping their mind, body, spirit.”

45. “My reason to keep going.”

46. “When leaving isn’t an option.”

47. “Valuing her life above mine.”

48. “Sharing without hesitation or regret.”

49. “Finding myself in someone else.”

50. “Choosing their company above everything.”

51. “Feeling truly at ease, always.”

52. “In sickness and in health.”

53.  “The meaning of life, really.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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