15 Crazy Oversized Items To Satisfy Your Biggest Dreams (Literally)


You’re tired of the whole does-size-matter? debate because you already know the answer. A few things, like electronic devices and most famous actors, look good small. But when it comes to the stuff you love and the dreams you entertain, there’s no point denying that bigger is generally better. Why limit yourself to regular sized ambitions, let alone average everyday items? Below are 15 awesomely colossal products you can find on eBay that prove just how worthwhile it can be to wish bigger, literally.

1. Half Gallon Ceramic Coffee Mug


Sip java all day long from this 64-ounce tank of a mug that tells the world you won’t be judged for your coffee intake. You’re a caffeine fiend and proud of it. Plus, you’re down to just one cup a day!

2. Big Brown Teddy Bear


This life-sized 100% cotton teddy bear isn’t just adorable. It’s also impossibly cuddly, from snout to paw, and a really good listener. Which begs the question: Is dating even necessary when you own an enormous stuffed animal?

3. Giant Adhesive Wall Clock


You’ll never be as young as you are today because time doesn’t stop, not even for the season finale of The Bachelor. Let this silver, battery powered timepiece remind you just how precious every minute is. There’s nothing like a massive wall clock to inspire you to seize the day already.

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