19 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Deserves To Love You


1. You never have to wonder if you’re being too clingy, too forward, too emotional or too anything with him.

2. There’s certainly no limit to the number of couple-y photos you can post to social media without weirding him out. In fact, he welcomes the reassurance that you’re as into the relationship as he is.

3. When he comments on your posts or tags you in a comment, he doesn’t shy away from making it obvious that he’s your boyfriend.

4. Because dating you is a badge of honor for him.

5. He’s not the type to waste a single second worrying that his “game” is ruined just because he has a serious girlfriend.

6. It doesn’t even occur to him that appearing taken (online or IRL) might discourage other women from hitting on him.

7. And if the thought of repelling other women does cross his mind, it’s in the context of being glad that he doesn’t have to deal with all that anymore. Thanks to you, he’s got that part of life all figured out.

8. He would never even think to lament the loss of his single status, or dare disrespect you by complaining to his friends about the pitfalls of having a girlfriend.

9. He definitely wouldn’t liken the experience of dating you to “a second job,” or anything else short of the absolute pleasure it is to know someone as awesome as you so intimately.

10. Being with you doesn’t make him feel like he’s missing out on anything whatsoever. You are pure value added in his view.

11. He’s the guy who actually tells his buddies that he’s lucky to have met someone so special. And he doesn’t stop to think how “girly” or stupid he might sound saying it.

12. In fact, he encourages his male friends to consider the benefits of a serious long-term relationship, reassuring them that it’s totally worth it—with the right person, that is.

13. He’s proactive in demonstrating his affection, both physically and in other ways. And he never ever feels stupid about it, or thinks to question his manhood.

14. He knows how to be cheesy and tug at your heartstrings in a way that’s totally works and makes you squirm a little in the best way possible.

15. He’s the type of boyfriend people cite as proof that there definitely are good men out there.

16. Sometimes, in fact, you shy away from sharing just how great things are going because you don’t want to brag.

17. Your friends actually do kind-of low-key hate you for landing someone so wonderful, but mostly they’re just grateful that your boyfriend sets the squad’s bar for how a man should treat his girlfriend.

18. He doesn’t measure his self worth in terms of how often he gets laid. And if he ever did, he stopped the exact second you met.

19. Sex is great, but he was always searching for something more—something he finally found lying in bed on a rainy morning right next to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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