The Joy That Winter Always Brings Me

Though the thought of snow may excite some, maybe most people, I am proud to say that it does not excite me. When I wake up and see a blanket of white, wet fluff covering my car I do not become overjoyed. I groan. Because it feels with every snowstorm the summer season seems to slip farther and farther away, as it’s just more snow that needs to melt. It gets in the way of my day-to- day life and completely throws me off my game…challenge not accepted Mr. Blizzard.

However, with the cold winter season comes some of my favorite memories as well. Christmas, my birthday, family, home cooked meals…. there is a light at the end of the snowy tunnel.

With my birthday being four days before Christmas, this time of year has always been a favorite of mine. Although my family did not roast chestnuts on an open fire, we did roast hams and turkeys, and the smell of that reaffirms my love for the holidays. Still today, coming down the stairs with the smell of holiday dinner wafting towards me makes my stomach growl in a way it normally doesn’t.

My mother’s cooking with the Christmas music playing is a wonderful scene to be a part of. The smell of coffee in the morning with pancakes on the griddle, or eggs benedict in the making mixed with the fresh pine scent of the Christmas tree in the next room over is a smell that will always elicit the happiest of memories.

Waking up to the smell of the heat from the radiator is how most winter mornings start. Like any other morning, I’ll go to the bathroom and put my contacts in, then come downstairs. But the difference is now the house smells like a Christmas tree, because the pine needles follow us everywhere. The kitchen smells like a bakery, in all its sugary glory. Brunch and coffee for days, talk about living the dream. Enjoying fellowship with my family as the sun beams in through the front window while my stomach is full of fruit and morning pastries is a sure sign of the Christmas season.

Running outside and smelling the snow mixed with the wreaths on neighbors doors and the fireplaces that are already lit up brings a warmth to my body as my lungs continually fill with the cold, morning air.

Scents like these and memories like these are what make the snowflakes bearable. Although winter may not be my favorite season, it does bring me a sense of relaxation and pure ecstasy that no other season brings. A time for love and joy and thankfulness that is just topped off with homemade food and a comfortable sleep.

Even the darkest winter days can still have light in them, light that shines from the center of my home. A light that will always be there to guide me back home.

Without the cold, darkness of winter, the warmth from my favorite season wouldn’t be able to glow as strongly. So the blizzard challenge may not be accepted, but if it comes, I guess I’ll have to sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and let it happen, and enjoy the love of my family and the smell of the holidays for an extra day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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