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If You Love Something, Let It Go

What’s the point in hurting yourself by letting go of what makes you happy? Isn’t the whole point of life to search for what makes you happy? Isn’t love a journey?

Please Don’t Hurt Me

Please understand there’s more to me than just meets the eye. Please understand I have substance and I really do cry sometimes. Below the surface is a girl who’s been hurt, a girl who is looking for a moment when she won’t get hurt, a girl who is looking for someone that will wipe her tears, a girl who is looking for someone who won’t hurt her. Will you be that someone?

No Pain Means No Gain

Just be patient with the process, don’t hold on to the pain for too long, and when your body is ready to build back up, let go and let it. Let it be strong, let it feel the gains, let it learn, let it go and let it be.

How To Break A Heart

You are worthy of having a whole heart. You are worthy and capable of bringing the sunshine out from behind the clouds. Pick up those pieces, put your sunglasses on and stop breaking your heart.

I’m Not The One You Love

I’m the cream, but she’s the sugar. And even though you insist you like your coffee black, we all know that everyone has a little sweet tooth.