How Would You Describe The Color Red If You Had To?


How would you respond if someone asked you to describe the color red? If someone who was blind and could not see the beautiful colors of this world came and asked you to describe red to them, what would you say? Would you say it’s painful? Even though, that doesn’t give them the same image as what you have, because they’ve never seen red associated with passion before. Would you say red is loud? Would you associate red with every loud noise that person has ever heard? Would you say red is attention grabbing, something that reaches out and pulls you in all different directions? How can you fully grasp the concept of “red” without seeing it?

Red could be love. It could be the feeling you get when you hold hands with someone and the sparks fly and the world seems to stop moving but you feel so red because of the flood of emotions that has hit you like an ocean wave. Red is the feeling you have when you get so mad at someone but forgive them two seconds later as you melt into their arms and feel the electricity that sparks as your skin meets and your tears come together as one. Describing red is describing the passion in your heart that you feel when the magnetic force pulling you together is stronger than anything you’ve felt before. Loving is red when one day feels like a lifetime, and a lifetime feels like just one day.

Red could be fear. It could be the feeling of being overwhelmed because so much is happening and the world is moving so fast and you feel like you’re being knocked down from all different directions. Red is the feeling of panic when you’re so lost and confused and can’t think straight. Red is the color that pierces your tiny little bubble and makes everything explode and shatter around you while your insides heat up with frustration and anxiety. Describing red is describing the feeling of being lost and discombobulated and having worry of what will happen next. Fear is red when it becomes inescapable, when it consumes your world and fills your eyes more and more with each passing moment.

Red could be anger. It could be the feeling you get when your face heats up and your mouth starts to stutter and your eyelashes hurt because your vision is so blurred. Red is the feeling of choking on tears and screams at the same time while your ears are ringing. Describing red is describing the pressure of your heart feeling like a brick pushing on your rib cage. Describing red is describing the gunshots around you and the spinning of your head as your limbs stretch apart past the point that they can’t stretch anymore. Anger is the pill you take that seems to make all other feelings go away, but you somehow still feel the excruciating knot in your stomach. Anger is red when it becomes the sheet that blinds you from living in anything other than the fire that is burning before you.

Red could be confusion. Red is the moment that you don’t know how to describe red anymore, the moment you realize there are no words to describe anything. Red is the realization that some things in this world are beyond our reach. Red is the feeling of being speechless, of being mysterious, of being shocked. Red is the feeling that evokes creativity and curiosity and beauty in the world because of how versatile red is. Describing the color red is different every day, every minute, and every moment because describing red is describing what is on your heart. Describing red is describing the beauty that fills your world through feelings and emotions and using words that aren’t in daily vocabulary. Red is astonishing, red is exhilarating, red is all the letters and words in the world exploding and falling down slowly, hitting each of us in its own special way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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