This Sparks Joy For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFP: A Ferris wheel all lit up at the county fair. Kissing in the rain. Finding something you haven’t seen in years. Candy flavored chapstick.

INTJ: Purple ink in a gold tipped fountain pen. An ironed Sunday Times. A personal library filled with leather bound books. A perfect Scotch and soda.

INFP: Shooting stars on a warm June night. A tattered paperback copy of a classic novel. A cotton printed dress with Birkenstocks. Backpacking through Europe. Messy curls.

ENTP: A marble statue at a NYC art museum. A fresh Moleskine notebook. A vintage full manual camera. A cappuccino in a paper cup. The sound of rain on a window.

INTP: A lamp glowing in a dark room. Thick glasses, pushed up on their nose. A wrinkled shirt. A notebook with pages torn out of it. The smell of boiling Top Ramen.

ENTJ: A colorful Excel spreadsheet. Dancing to music in the kitchen. The feeling of weary success after public speaking. Wrapping gifts while watching Christmas movies on TV.

ISTJ: Opening a package you’ve been waiting for. The scent of ivory soap. New school supplies. A big box store that’s perfectly organized.

ENFJ: The smell of a new car. Going out with your friends, laughing over overpriced mixed drinks. The satisfaction of things going according to plan. The snapping sound of closing an expensive jewelry box.

ESTJ: The smell of printer ink. Black coffee in a travel mug. The sound of hanging up dry cleaner bags. Buying holiday decorations for cheap directly after the holiday for next year.

ISFJ: Holding a brand new kitten and deciding on a name for it. Queen Anne’s lace waving gently in a field. Funky dangling earrings. A tranquil lake. A quiet sense of adventure and excitement, like waking up for a 3 AM flight.

ESTP: The lights of the Las Vegas Strip reflecting in a pair of sunglasses. A storm brewing at the edge of town. A concert full of lights and sound. An empty shot glass and the smell of cigarettes and old leather.

ESFP: The pulsating lights at a club. The smell of cheap alcohol and expensive perfume. A social-media-worthy brunch. That feeling you get before you get a daring haircut. A candy necklace.

ISTP: That feeling you get driving on a foggy road at night. Looming evergreen trees in a National Park. A redone vintage car. Shaggy haircut. Bright eyes filled with wonder.

ESFJ: Petit four in neat paper frills. A loose braid swinging behind its owner. A clear forest pool. Short nails, neatly bitten down. Talking in a low, happy voice in front of a fire.

INFJ: A priceless work of art, tacked to a wall. A long black overcoat with half a bag of Skittles in one pocket. Walking through a silent city at 2 AM. A cottage in the mountains, half obscured by morning mist. A vintage record spinning silently.

ISFP: Jeans that fit exactly right. A mystical shop, stuffed full of books and curiosities. That feeling of finally discovering your destiny. Finding a secret menu item from your favorite restaurant. The quiet noises of a small hamlet town awakening to a crisp fall day.

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