40 Little Things That Make Life And Love Totally Worth It

40 Little Things That Make Life And Love Totally Worth It

1. The sound of the door closing when your husband/wife/partner comes home from work.

2. Laundry from your family members.

3. Goodbye kisses.

4. Hello kisses.

5. Good morning kisses.

6. Goodnight kisses.

7. Welcomed kisses.

8. Hearing the heartbeat of your significant other as you curl up on the couch.

9. Hearing the laughter of your significant other.

10. Hearing the laughter of your grandparents or parents.

11. Hearing the laughter of your kids.

12. Laughter.

13. When your family members make the coffee in the morning, even before you are awake.

14. When a coworker brings you coffee without being asked.

15. When someone cooks a meal for you.

16. When your husband/wife/significant other goes grocery shopping, and purchases something that’s not on the list, just because they know you’ll like it.

17. Long runs when you get to be alone with your own thoughts.

18. Friends who show up when you call.

19. Friends that show up without being asked.

20. Friends who say, “you’re always welcome to sleep on my couch.”

21. When you write words that imprint on another heart.

22. When you make art that imprints on another heart.

23. When you speak, and people listen.

24. When others speak, and you listen.

25. When your favorite song comes on the radio or your playlist – and you instantly smile.

26. When someone else smiles because of something you said.

27. When you smile because of something someone else has said.

28. When you can go to work and feel your purpose.

29. When you can feel your purpose.

30. When you can feel your stress fade as soon as you hit that pillow.

31. When someone says, “I’m so grateful for you.”

32. When you tell someone, “I’m so grateful for you.”

33. When someone pulls up a seat for you at their table.

34. When you pull up a seat for someone else at your table.

35. When someone at work takes a chance on you, even if your resume doesn’t fit the job.

36. When you take a chance at someone at work, even if their resume doesn’t fit the job.

37. When you celebrate the successes of your friends.

38. When your friends celebrate the successes of you.

39. When you are heard.

40. When you are seen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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