25 Little Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

25 Little Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Take that scent in before you gulp it all down. Taste it, don’t just drink it.

2. Being able to drink your morning cup of coffee or tea in your favorite mug. That wonderful smell, that delicious taste, and your perfect mug – it’s simple, and yet, a glorious way to start your day.

3. A fridge full of food. Yes, that is something to be grateful for – recognize that a simple meal is often a struggle for some.

4. The struggles that have brought you to this exact moment in your life. They were gifts.

5. The gift of Mother Nature – she is a beauty.

6. The blaze of sunrise.

7. The glow of sunset.

8. The ability to have lived another day when you get to see both.

9. Your sight.

10. All of your senses.

11. Do you live in a home? Is there a roof over your head? Do you sleep in a bed? That is something to be grateful for – there were 3,675 people homeless and unsheltered on the streets of New York City during a single night in 2018. Let that number stay with you as you fall asleep.

12. The ability to fall asleep easily. This isn’t always easy for some people. Some may call it an adult superpower.

13. Your inner power. It’s there, even when you forget about it.

14. Your memory. I promise that it’s better than any Instagram post.

15. The luxury to have a phone.

16. The GPS component on your phone. Remember the days of MapQuest? How lucky are we to be alive right now!?

17. Your own good health.

18. The good health of your loved ones.

19. Being able to give love.

20. Being able to receive love.

21. When you get to say, “I love you”, to your spouse/partner before they leave for work.

22. When you get to hear them say, “I love you, too.”

23. Goodbye kisses.

24. Hello kisses.

25. Another day to begin again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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