Baby Boomers Ruined The World For Millennials

Flickr / Suzi Duke
Flickr / Suzi Duke

The Millennial generation is my generation—we were born between the years 1982 and 2004; i.e., we’re the Baby Boomers’ own children; i.e., the people they themselves raised.

But over the past five years or so, I’ve noticed that it’s become fashionable for Baby Boomers to write insulting and self-righteous articles complaining about how “pampered,” “entitled,” and even “narcissistic” they perceive Millennials to be.

After reading several of these articles and having them quoted to me many times by Baby Boomers, I have finally reached my breaking point. I’ve had it with this nonsense. No longer will I stand by and listen to Baby Boomers complain about the splinter in my generation’s collective eye while they ignore the wooden beam in their own. From almost any vantage point you take, the Baby Boomers are the worst generation in world history.

The Baby Boomers grew up in and inherited the richest economy in world history. There is no doubting this. They had every advantage you could possibly ask for. The post-World War II America in which they grew up was an economic powerhouse the likes of which the world had never seen before. When they came of age, more of them went to college than any generation before them, and it was so cheap that they could afford to pay for it with summer jobs waiting tables. They did drugs, screwed each other silly, studied underwater basket weaving, and generally gave their parents a bigger middle finger than any generation before them ever had, then went on to become respectable yuppies with high-paying middle management jobs in corporate America. The ones that didn’t go to college got factory jobs where they could make enough money to get married and raise middle-class families on a single income. They bought houses, new cars, saved for retirement, and had the 2.5 kids they wanted.

Then those kids—the Millennial generation—grew up. And what did their parents do for them? They enrolled them in a thousand extracurricular activities, shielded them from every failure and disappointment, and attempted to regiment every minute of their lives so as to avoid every kind of pain and suffering. They brainwashed them to go to college at all costs and encouraged them to rack up insane amounts of debt to do it. Then while their kids were away at college, they spent like crazy. They bought themselves new cars, new homes, new furniture, remodeled their homes, expanded Medicare, waged a few wars, etc., etc., and rapidly turned the country into the largest debtor nation in world history and caused the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Then they used their political power to bail themselves out and keep themselves rich by mortgaging their children’s, grandchildren’s, and great grandchildren’s futures. Then while their kids struggled to find jobs and launch their own lives as no generation of recent memory ever had, the Baby Boomers—the richest people who have ever lived on Earth—passed a law which forced Millennials to subsidize the costs of their rapidly aging parents’ healthcare.

Oh, and did I mention that they legalized abortion, ushering in a holocaust which has claimed more than 50 million human lives, divorced each other and destroyed their own families more often than not, and locked their kids in cages for using the same drugs they did on their way to their cushy careers?

In light of all this, I find it hard to take these people who are so incredibly blind to their own imperfections seriously when they call me “narcissistic” and “entitled” for wanting them to at least be polite to me while they destroy the country and rob me blind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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