12 Reasons Why Chicago Girls Are The Best Kind Of Girls To Date


1. We have values that we hold close to our heart.

A true Chicago girl comes from a strong family that instilled values into her that she holds dear. We know what we want and what means the most to us, and we can be pretty stubborn about it. It’s hard to change our minds on things that are deeply rooted within us. Despite being city girls, we are still have those Midwestern values in our hearts.

2. We are probably more passionate about sports than you think.

Even if we don’t know the most about our championship hockey team, we still have a variety of teams to choose from that have proven time and time again that Chicago is the place for sports. We keep up to date with what is happening in sports because we come from a city of champions. Don’t be offended if we say we can’t trust you because you’re a Packers fan.

3. We like to eat and aren’t ashamed of it. 

One of my friends recently said that it was hard not to be a few pounds overweight in this city because there is so much Damn. Good. Food. Whether you are looking for a Michelin star restaurant, a sloppy Italian beef sandwich, or a gargantuan slice of pizza – we know where to find it. And a true Chicago girl will eat just about anything you put in front of her. Don’t expect us to order a salad, unless it’s the Chopped Salad from Portillo’s (with a small fries and a Chocolate Cake Shake).

4. We are probably really, really funny. 

Chicago is the mecca for comedy. People actually MOVE here to get training from one of our many schools of improv and comedy. Don’t be surprised if a girl you meet is just funny in nature or perhaps on a stage later that week performing with her improv team or a new stand up set. Chicago girls are here to let loose and laugh a little.

5. We like a good drink. 

Some of the best bartenders and craft beers reign from Chicago. We have our signature drink that we automatically go for at any regular bar, but wouldn’t mind a night out at Revolution Brewery or Three Dots and a Dash… depending on our mood. And don’t you dare pronounce 312 as “three twelve” or any other variation other than what it’s meant to be. Make that mistake, and we will gladly order you a shot of Malort.

6. We will probably have a small apartment. 

Chicago is not known to be too cost friendly for renters to live in. More or less, the better the neighborhood, the higher the rent. But that’s okay, nothing is more cozy than snuggling up in a studio with a lakeside view.

7. We are goal-oriented women on a mission for success.

Chicago is home to hundreds of established businesses and start-ups. We are bound to be a part of one of them. For a young generation of women, our career is a door to a better life than generations of women had before us. In a city full of skyscrapers, the only direction is “up” for some of us that are climbing the ladder.

8. We like to walk.

Who wouldn’t want to in this city? Whether you are walking along the lake path or through some of our most darling neighborhoods, there is always something to see. Plus, depending on the neighborhood you live in – walking to just any about anything or anywhere is possible. If not, it’s nowhere a quick ride on the Red Line can’t take you to.

9. We won’t mind doing touristy stuff with you.

There are so many tourist places to check out in the city, and we would gladly come along so we could take “Bean” selfies or check out one of the best art museums in the country. To us, tourists are here to love our city even on the days where we don’t. Sometimes it’s fun to relive those middle school trips to the Museum of Science of Industry, and we’ll love to play tour guide for you. Just please don’t ask us to come to Navy Pier with you.

10. We are brave. 

We aren’t proud of the violence. While we are brave, people are getting held up all over the city for something as simple as an iPhone. We don’t want to become a victim, so we love it when you walk us home or call us an Uber. And while we love our home and will defend it to the death, we know when it’s best to take precaution. We know that there needs to be a lot of change to happen for the violence to stop. In the meantime, we will have a watchful eye and that pepper spray in our purse.

11. We are busy little ladies.

There is always something happening in this wonderful city. A festival here, a concert there. A party this weekend, a class on this day. With all of these things going on in our life, it can be hard to get on our schedule. You need to know that if you make the cut, it’s because we WANT to see you. Don’t waste our time, and we won’t waste yours.

12. We are super friendly.

Even if the cold weather gives us permanent “resting bitch face,” we are some of the friendliest girls around. As long as you’re not street harassing us, we are pretty happy to start up a conversation with a stranger. Chicago girls are just as friendly, kind, and warm as the rest of the Midwest, with just a little more boldness mixed in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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