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I’m Tired Of Being The One Who Always Cares More

I say “sorry” because I want you to tell me that it is not my fault, that it was never my fault and that it is you, that it has always been you. I’m tired of apologizing for you. And I’m tired of you letting me.

What No One Tells You About Being Alone

They don’t understand how much they mean to you no matter how hard you have tried to show them. They don’t know that they each hold a piece of your heart and without them, you will always be incomplete.

Sweet Girl, Don’t Let Your Depression Hide You

You know how to stay strong for others because no one understands the feeling of being alone, weak and being terrified better than you. You can help them become the best version of themselves because you always see the best in everyone, even when they always see the worst in you.

If You Ask Me If I Love You, I’ll Lie

I won’t admit I have been walking everywhere with my head down because I don’t have the strength to look up and face a world in which ‘we’ will never exist.