12 Things That Happen When You Fall For Your Best Friend

Friends With Benefits / Amazon.com.
Friends With Benefits / Amazon.com.
Can girls and guys really be JUST friends? Yes, of course they can! Until one of them gets too comfortable and they drink way too much Captain one weekend and wake up in the same bed the next morning. Then they realize they were always meant to be and live happily ever after together forever.
…Or they end up never speaking to each other again because one of the best friends screwed everything up and fell in love with the other.

1. You start to put them first, in every situation.

Situations in which you wouldn’t normally put your best dude first. Little things. Like, when you have a test at 2PM and should really be studying alone at your desk in your bedroom in silence, but he comes running into your place because he needs help preparing for a presentation that he hasn’t even started and is due in less than 2 hours. Your brain’s like: test? I don’t have a test. GPA shmee-pee-A. You will do all in your power to make sure this kid aces his presentation. He needs you.

2. You always want to be around him.

It’s Wednesday and a school night but he invited you to come and drink beers with his roommates and watch American Horror Story. You don’t want to waste the calories and probably should get to bed early so you’re not late for work in the morning. You’d 100 percent blow off my girlfriends for the shut-eye time but it’s him. You’re absolutely going.

3. You start to get a little crazy, but only a little crazy.

Not enough crazy to slip up and lose your title of “cool girl best friend.” You keep your crazy under control. Actually, you really just start to drive yourself crazy. Who’s this girl that is his new best friend on SnapChat? I don’t recognize that name. Wait, could that be the bitch in his snap story at 3AM? I’m replaying it.

4. You let him have you whenever he wants you.

Yeah, so what you could hear him having sex with another girl through his bedroom wall last night while you were hanging out with his roommates in the living room. He texted you at 2:57 on a Tuesday asking me if you’re awake; you’e inviting him over.

5. You pretend it doesn’t matter.

You know exactly what his intensions are but so what, he’s your best friend. He likes you better than his Saturday night slam piece. You mean more to him, don’t you? Whatever. He’s cuddling with you and you’re lonely.

6. You get attached.

It’s been months since you two started hooking up, you two snuggle up into bed almost every week night, and suddenly you’re scoping the bar out every night to see if he’s going to be there when the lights turn on instead of paying attention to your friends and everyone else around you.

7. You blow your cover.

You accidentally yell at him for flirting with your sorority sister in front of your face. Why would you care, you guys are just friends? Oh no, you caught feelings. That’s the first rule in the history of all FWB (friends with benefits) rules, and you broke it!

8. Things get awkward.

“Cool best girl friends” don’t catch feelings. They don’t care what their FWB is doing because they’re cool enough not to have emotions! Now he thinks you’re all emotional and like every other crazy girl he’s been with. You guys give it a break for a few days. Maybe you” stop texting him to see how his day is because he’s going to take it the wrong way and think you’re obsessed with him now.

9. You give it another chance.

Too much Captain, you know the drill. How’d he end up in your bed again? You can’t remember anything but you’re glad he’s here.

10. You can’t take it anymore.

So that whole we’re-cool-again-let’s-have-sex-when-we’re-drunk worked for awhile until you watched him making out with another girl in front of your face. You lose it. You scream, you yell, you cry. Woooow you must really be crazy! This will not work. You are in too deep, and you can’t be friends with someone you care about this much. And he doesn’t know what to do, because you’re his “cool best girl friend,” not another girl who’s begging him for something that his 21 immature self isn’t yet ready for.

11. You cry. A lot.

The truth hurts, but lies hurt more.

12. You lose your best friend.

And the last, worst part of this list. You can’t be best friends with someone you love, when that someone doesn’t love you back. You can’t look at them the same. You let him go, because your heart just cant quite handle it anymore. And you wait, because someday you’ll find a new best friend who will give you the happily ever after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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