God Will Bring Purpose From Pain

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Joshua Rawson-Harris

Pain is of this world, not of God. These are the words I must remind myself of when I’m burdened by guilt or heartache, when it feels like everything around me is falling apart, when I give all of myself to a person, to a passion, and end up with nothing in the end. Things will not always go my way. Love will not always bloom or form how I want it to. People will not always be what I desire them to be. Life will hurt.

But this is not because my God isn’t here, doesn’t care, or isn’t listening.

Pain is of this world, not of God. As a woman of faith I’m often asked this question—Why would a God who loves you allow such terrible things to happen to you, to the people you love, to the world is supposedly made? And to be honest, I think even the strongest of Christians struggles with this question. To believe in a God who is all-powerful, and yet He doesn’t rescue us from our burdens, doesn’t that seem a little off?

But I continually remind myself of those words, of His promise. That the life beyond this one is where we belong—with Him, in perfection—not here. This world is broken. None of us, even created in His image, will always say and do the right thing because we are sinful, living in a sin-filled place. But this is not where our future lies.

This life on earth is temporary—and that is why He has given us new life, an eternal life through His son. To lift us from the pain and to bring us hope and happiness. To give us the existence He intended for us: light and burden-free.

Pain is of this world, not of God. I repeat this to myself over and over again. I remind myself that I am not supposed to have all the answers, or know, without a doubt, where I should go. I remind myself that people will fail, that I will fail, but that there is still so much beauty around me. And that my God is still present, still near.

Pain is of this world, not of God. I shout this when I am filled with doubt. It is the truth that carries me forward, that in this life I will face terrible things but they are not the will of my Father. And in every low moment, He will stand beside me, in every battle, He will fight.

God does not make terrible things happen to you. He does not allow them, or intend for them to break you, or watch as they chip away at your soul. In fact, it’s the opposite. He begs for you to turn to Him, for you to trust Him, for you to give Him every part of yourself so that He can lift the pain and take up the sword for you.

There will be days when it seems like you are facing your demons alone, but you are not. Not ever. Because He is with you all of your days, perhaps answering prayers you didn’t know you asked for, perhaps showing you to a greater life down the road, perhaps bringing you away from things that could only destroy you, perhaps making a plan that you might not understand. Or perhaps bringing people you love closer to Him, for whatever purpose, whatever reason He has.

As humans, we do not know the answers. But what we do know is that He is here. What we do know is that He has promised us eternal life. What we do know is that He sent His son to die for us—the ultimate sacrifice, ultimate blessing so that in any circumstance we know we are loved, saved, and strengthened.

So please trust that in this painful season you are not alone. No, you might not understand the ‘why’ or the reason. No, you may not feel God’s presence directly, or know what His intentions are. No, you may not be able to put a smile on your face right now.

But remind yourself that you serve a loving Father.
Remind yourself that He will bring purpose from your pain.

You will not hurt forever. You won’t always ache. Even in your darkness, you will learn to find light, you will take steps forward, you will move on and become stronger and leave the shadows of your past behind. You will honor the memory of those you loved. You will let your kindness rise through your heartbreak, and eventually let someone in. You will find pieces of yourself in unexpected places, and form a new masterpiece.

And in all of this, you will be loved, so deeply, by your God. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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