7 Inspirational Messages For When You Feel Stuck

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Kendyle Nelsen

1. You are not lost, you are simply in transition.

You are not lost, you are finding your footing. You are not lost, you are taking a different path. You are not lost, you are searching. You are not lost, you are simply moving from one place to another. And sometimes this change doesn’t look pretty, but it’s a part of this life, part of the journey of finding yourself. Welcome these transitions, this mess. Know that even when you feel lost or stuck or scared, you’re one step closer to finding you.

2. You’re not supposed to have all the answers.

There might not be an explanation, a ‘why.’ But you’re not supposed to have all the answers. You’re not supposed to know the lessons as they’re being taught. Trust that you’re here for a reason. Trust that you are being built and gaining something valuable. Embrace the ‘I don’t knows’ and feel free.

3. Life is about discovery, growth and continuance.

Life is about discovery. That means you are learning and becoming wherever you are—from the exciting, new places and from the boring, overly-treaded paths. Instead of hating the moments where you’re ‘stuck,’ learn to celebrate them. Find what lessons you’re meant to learn right where you are. And continue forward, stronger and more resilient each day.

4. You won’t be caught in the same place forever.

You won’t always feel discouraged, still, rooted to where you’ve always been. In time, the ground will shift, opportunities will knock at your door, feelings and emotions and thoughts will pull you to different places. Grin and bear through these times. Find happiness, challenge, and peace right where you’re at. But never lose sight, or excitement over what’s to come.

5. Stagnancy teaches you who you are.

You may feel stuck. You may feel like you haven’t moved from the same spot, like your life is on repeat, reverberating the same, boring tune over and over again. You may feel tired, like you’ve been treading the old path for far too long. But stagnancy, though frustrating at times, is a teacher. When you’re caught in the same place, you learn to be resilient. You learn to be strong. You learn to keep faith. You learn who you are.

6. Being ‘stuck’ is an opportunity to grow.

Being rooted to the same place does not mean learning the same lessons over and over again; it’s a chance to break yourself down and build yourself up. It’s the opportunity to start again, to chase different dreams, to find yourself in new ways. Being ‘stuck’ is not idleness; it’s growth.

7. Every roadblock leads to a new path, a new start.

When you reach a roadblock, you simply turn the wheel. You find a new path, a new road, a new turn. You don’t stop and get out of the car. And this applies to your life—don’t lose all hope when the road ends. Move. Change. Carve new paths. Begin again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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