41 Signs You Are A Creative Soul

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Rachael Gorjestani

1. You would describe yourself as ‘artsy,’ ‘out-of-the-box,’ or a ‘deep-thinker.’

2. You are very observant, always picking up on the little things.

3. Everything around you is art.

4. You work hard at everything you do.

5. You believe in yourself, even if the world doesn’t understand or support you.

6. You see talent in others, even when they can’t recognize it themselves.

7. Your dream career is in a creative field, but even if you’re not in that line of work, you still make time for creativity.

8. You appreciate other forms of art outside your own.

9. You don’t like to fit in a ‘box’ or follow what the rest of the world is doing.

10. You find it incredibly attractive when someone is interested in your craft, art, or creative skill.

11. You are inspired by the natural world.

12. You don’t think you’ll ever run out of ideas.

13. You’re at peace when you’re creating something.

14. You are an extremely passionate person.

15. You value your creative intelligence over anything else.

16. You think being ‘weird,’ ‘strange,’ or ‘out there’ are compliments.

17. You are continually evolving as a creator.

18. You are naturally inspired or self-inspired, rather than always trusting the world to inspire you.

19. You expect to fail sometimes, but you don’t let that failure define you or your craft.

20. When you’re working on something, you can (and often will) lose all sense of time.

21. You tend to fall on the more introverted side, but you also do well in social situations, using your experiences to shape your stories, art, music, etc.

22. You are very emotional and can even be moody, but you use these feelings to drive your art.

23. You can be both your biggest supporter and worst critic.

24. You know that your best self is one who is able to pursue your creative interests alongside your professional and day-to-day obligations.

25. You sometimes test the boundaries, the rules, or authority because you think differently than the rest of the world.

26. Your relationships are driven, and often blossom because of your creative mind.

27. You’re curious, and not afraid to ask questions.

28. You sometimes write/draw/embody the people you love in your art.

29. You can (and often will) make muses out of people you have close connections with.

30. You will stand for what you believe in, especially when it comes to your art, or the art of others.

31. You carry a notebook/journal/sketchpad etc. with you wherever you go.

32. You can get defensive about something you’ve created if someone doesn’t take the time to understand it, or chalks it up without really studying/reading/admiring it.

33. You sometimes have a tough time relating to people, especially ones with a highly logical or rational mind.

34. You are in awe of the world.

35. You value quality over quantity, especially when it comes to art.

36. You don’t allow rejection to shape your opinion of yourself, or the way you create.

37. You aren’t focused on money; rather, you create simply to create, or for fun.

38. You can get lost in your own head at times, but you are still grounded in reality.

39. You take risks.

40. You know that not everyone will appreciate your creative mind, but you stay true to yourself.

41. You are a complex individual, filled with love for what you do and the people and things around you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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