Here’s The Most-Googled Question For Each Of The 50 States (Warning: It Gets Deep!)

Juliette Leufke

We rely on Google more than we even realize. “Fast food near me.” “Directions to home.” “How do you spell ___?” With the click of a few keys, we’re able to get the answers we need in literally three seconds or less.

But what about the questions we don’t really know the answers to? What about the deep questions, the scary questions, the questions that keep us up at night?

According to research by Nayomi Chibana on Visme, these are the most-Googled questions for each state in the past year. And fair warning, it gets pretty intense.

Alabama: “What is love?”

Alaska: “What is Sikhism?”

Arizona: “How to read palms.”

Arkansas: “What is the meaning of life?”

California: “Why do we have to die?”

Colorado: “What is heart chakra?”

Connecticut: “What is existentialism?”

Delaware: “What is pentecost?”

Florida: “What is my life purpose?

Georgia: “What is nothing?”

Hawaii: “What is Reincarnation?”

Idaho: “What is the relationship between religion and science?”

Illinois: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Indiana: “When will the world end?”

Iowa: “What is Jainism?”

Kansas: “What is Islam?”

Kentucky: “What do Muslims believe?”

Louisiana: “Is masturbation a sin?”

Maine: “Why do I want to die?”

Maryland: “What is beauty?”

Massachusetts: “Is there life after death?”

Michigan: “What is evil?”

Minnesota: “Who was Paul the Apostle?”

Mississippi: “Is god real?”

Missouri: “Where in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a sin?”

Montana: “What happens when you die?”

Nebraska: “What is hell?”

Nevada: “How to hypnotize someone.”

New Hampshire: “What happens after you die?”

New Jersey: “What is Jainism?”

New Mexico: “How to commit suicide.”

New York: “How to live forever.”

North Carolina: “What is consciousness?”

North Dakota: “What is the trinity?”

Ohio: “Does god exist?”

Oklahoma: “What religion is Donald and Melania Trump?”

Oregon: “Who is Muhammad?”

Pennsylvania: “What is heaven like?”

Rhode Island: “What is my horoscope?”

South Carolina: “Who is your soulmate?”

South Dakota: “What is a mortal sin?”

Tennessee: “What is truth?”

Texas: “Are we alone in the universe?”

Utah: “Am I happy?”

Vermont: “How to meditate.”

Virginia: “What is knowledge?”

Washington: “How to be a better person.”

Washington D.C.: “Horoscope traits.”

West Virginia: “What is scientology?”

Wisconsin: “What does the Lutheran church believe?”

Wyoming: “What is yin and yang?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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