This Is What Attracts People To You, Based On Which State You Grew Up In



Whether or not you’re actually from Chicago, people will assume you are, which isn’t too bad. Since you’re from the state with one of the coolest cities, you’re automatically looked at with reverence. But what really attracts people to you is your go-getter mentality. Illinoisians are the prime example of the Midwest work ethic. People love your perseverance, strength, and of course, your Chitown pride.


You tend to be a little picky, you know, when it comes to apples, beer, music, outdoor venues, coffee, etc. but this is actually a good thing. You know what you like and you’re not afraid to pursue it. Plus, you’re used to rainy days, (and secretly like them) so you’re good at seeing the glass half full.


You are the epitome of Midwest charm. You’re the type of person who’s always willing to help someone out, or just kick back and have a beer with them. You’ve listened to Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States” a million times, and even though you know your state might not be a vacation destination, you still love where you come from and that makes you totally attractive.


Minnesota nice? Yeah, that’s a real thing. You’re the type that’s good to your neighbors, good to the earth, and good in general. Oh, and you can handle whatever life throws at you—brutal cold winters, hot summers—yep, youuuu betcha.


You are the kindest, friendliest person. What makes you attractive is your ability to treat everyone like family, and your appreciation of the simple things, like cheap beer, fresh corn, and a good sunset.

Rhode Island

You may be from a tiny state, but you have a big sense of self. Probably because you’ve spent half your life explaining to people that, No, Rhode Island is not an island. Yes, Rhode Island is its own state. You might be underestimated quite often, but you’re still confident and self-assured as hell, which makes you totally attractive in your own right.


You’re passionate about recycling, bike riding and not using an umbrella because you’re not a wimp. Yep, you’re pretty tough, which makes you attractive AF. You’re also a nature kid, and love to get outside and get active whenever you can.


You’re as laid back as they come. You’re the type that’s down for anything and no matter what, can bring a smile to someone’s face. What’s attractive about you is your ability to kick back, relax, and enjoy life without all the unnecessary drama.


Okay okay, so the biggest thing your state is known for is Vegas. Woo hoo party central, casinos, strippers, blah blah. Yeah, to the rest of the world you might look like a crazy party-goer, but truth is, there’s more to you than the City of Sin. You’re actually a cool person. But don’t get me wrong, you totally know how to have a good time.


The most attractive thing about you is your sense of adventure. Sleeping in the wild, living in a cave, climbing mountains—no matter what, or where, you’re game.


Contrary to popular belief, you like more than just potatoes. In fact, you’re pretty well rounded and you love nature, too. Being outside is most definitely your thing, and when it comes down to it, you’re one of the most selfless, giving people out there.


The most attractive thing about you is that you’re super accepting. You’re one of those people who, no matter what, doesn’t judge anyone. You’re easy to get along with and you’re wayyyy chill, which makes you ideal BF/GF material.


Everything’s bigger in TX, right? You’re a big person—big heart, big attitude, big personality and that’s what makes you super attractive. That, and you can rock cowboy boots like no other.


You have that adorable Southern drawl and positive personality. You like to take your time when you do things and you’re totally laid back. And the most attractive thing about you is how easily you can bring a smile to someone else’s face.


You’re probably a damn good cook, or if not, then you just have excellent taste. You’re a big fan of anything peach, or of a glass of sweet tea on a cold day. And you value your friends and family and are always putting them first—that’s one of the best things about you.

North Dakota

You’re very down to earth and don’t get all hung up on the go go go of city folk. You know how to savor things, especially what’s important, and you aren’t afraid to just chill.

New York

You’re probably the fastest walker in the history of the world. Need to get anywhere in the shortest, quickest, most efficient way? You’ve got it covered. You’re a major go-getter/perfectionist, but your workaholic personality is what makes you so damn attractive.


The most attractive thing about you is how hard you work. You’re the type of person who shows up and gets sh*t done. No BS.


You’re from one of the friendliest states, and that’s what makes you attractive. You put others first and you are always willing to lend a helping hand, even to people you don’t know.

South Dakota

You’re an eclectic person. You are a perfect mix of motorcycle-riding-badassery, combined with some mountain-climbing down-to-earthness. It’s your mix of interests that makes you pretty cool.

Washington D.C.

You’re definitely a go-getter. You’ve most likely been successful from a very young age and you probably have taken a picture with Obama at some point in your life. Basically you’re one of a kind.


You’re a good mix of southern courtesy and niceness, and you can get along with pretty much anyone. Your attitude is basically, If you don’t bug me, I won’t bug you, and it’s kept you out of trouble and made you one of the easiest people to be around.


You’re always down to have a good time. You may or may not have been raised on beer and can shotgun a can faster than pretty much anyone, but you’re actually down to earth too. A perfect mix.


You are the ultimate southerner: easy going, patient, and sweet as that glass of sweet tea. The most attractive thing about you? You enjoy the simple life—being outside, having a cold drink, or sitting out and watching the sunset.


You are literally the toughest, most resilient person in the entire world. No matter what life throws at you—from adventures to hurricanes—you can handle it. And with a smile on your face.


You’re particular about your BBQ and beer and have a ton of pride of where you’re from. You’re a hometown girl/guy and you’ll always have roots at home. That bond is what makes you attractive. You’re super close with your hometown friends and family and that’s awesome.


You probably have some strong foundation of faith or religion, or if not, you just have passionate feelings towards whatever you believe. You’re a big football watcher and deep-friend food advocate. Your laid-back attitude, yet fun personality is what makes you a real catch.


You have the best accent and you totally embrace it. You’re a fan of lobstah and crab and any outside winter activity. You’re probably a badass snowboarder, and you can pretty much handle whatever crazy weather your state gives ya.

New Hampshire

Not having liquor taxes in your state makes it a pretty dope place to live. You have a lot a pride in Manchester, in your mountains, and in your snow, and that homestate pride—definitely attractive.


You love beaches, crab, and your dope state flag. The most attractive thing about you? You love being outdoorsy—biking, camping, laying in the sun—whatever it is, as long as it’s outside, you’ll have a good time.


You’re a super kind person, with a little bit of sass, especially when you’re behind the wheel. You are an avid supporter of every Boston team and your pride and spirit are the best things about you.


No matter what part you’re from, you still have some of that city girl/city boy charm in you. You may or may not be Amish, which is cool in its own right, but even if you’re not, you’re hardworking and good with your hands.


You’re the king/queen of kickback house parties and tailgates. It doesn’t take much other than ice cold beer, some friends, and a few good country songs for you to have a good time. You’re easy to please and celebrate the little moments—that’s what makes you, you.


You’re a Wisconsoner, aka die-hard fan. You’re the best person to have around on game day, or for any tailgate. Plus, you think cheese is its own food group, which makes you one of the best people to go out to eat with.


You were born and raised on the lake. You spent half your life wading in the water, skiing, or catching fish. The best thing about you? You’re super low-maintenance. All it takes to put a smile on your face is some sand, some sunshine, and a scoop of ice cream.


Contrary to the KY stereotype, no, you aren’t inbred. And you don’t always sit out and play country music on your banjo and watch the sunset. You are totally country though. The most attractive thing about you? Your country charm. You have that adorable drawl, good personality, and the ability to rock anything. From boots and belts to hats and flannels, etc., you always look right out of the Wild West.


You may or may not own a Confederate flag and display it somewhere on your property, aka you’re a total badass rebel. Or, you might be a die-hard Christian. Whatever you believe or follow, you’re in it 100%. The most attractive thing about you? You’re passion for what you agree with or believe in.


Contrary to popular belief, you’re actually not a redneck. You’re smart, love to eat, and think every Alabama food (MoonPies, RC Cola, BBQ) is bomb, well, because it probably is. Best thing about you? You’re the epitome of that Southern Hospitality. Yessir.


You are about as calm and laid back as they come (except when you’re on the highway, then you’re a speed demon). You live in the sunshine state so the most attractive thing about you is your sunny personality. You can always look on the bright side of life.

South Carolina

You’re kind and probably have a background in Christianity. You’re the epitome of those WWJD bracelets, always putting your neighbor before yourself.

North Carolina

You love drinking out of mason jars or parading on the coastline. And your state has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Most attractive thing about you? Your appreciation appreciation for nature, and how you have the ability to say, ‘Bless your heart’ to your enemy, rather than showing them the good ole middle finger.

West Virginia

You’re the ultimate friend, super supportive and kind, even to strangers. And you’re also pretty confident, since half your life you’ve had to explain that Yes, we are our own state. And, No, we aren’t a part of Virginia.


Alright, alright, so you might be a little cocky. But that’s because you live in a state that’s rockin’ it: money, education, and economy-wise. Sometimes you can be a little full of yourself, but it’s that self-confidence that makes you so attractive.


You can swim, surf, and do the hula—that’s enough said. But what makes you islanders attractive is your constant, happy-go-lucky attitude. No matter what time of day or night, you’ve got a big ole smile on your face.


Delaware is totally more of the suburb feel than the city, which means you live a quieter lifestyle. That being said, you know how to have a good time, especially when it comes to being outside. You’re the adventurous type—down for zip-lining, canoeing, kayaking, hot air balloon riding, etc. Best thing about you? You’re always down for an active, outdoors date.

New Mexico

You are the type that takes massive pride in your heritage, which is awesome. Your culture, your family, and your traditions are passed on and central in your life and that family connection is what makes you super attractive.


You have an appreciation for sunsets, mountains, and breathtaking sights. What makes you attractive is your ability to notice these beautiful things and take note of them. You’re super reflective. Plus, you can handle heat like a champ.

New Jersey

You’re loud and proud and not afraid to show it. It’s that good mix of snobbiness, cockiness, and confidence that makes you enticing.


You may or may not have a slightly hippie side. You are environmentally friendly, patient, and you worship maple syrup. The best thing about you is your sense of self. You may be a small state, but you’re a proud one.


You’re a busybody. You like to get involved in people’s business sometimes, but you always have the backs of the people you care about. You’re slightly nosey, but it’s the nosiness that stems from a person who genuinely cares about the well beings of others.


You’re a little removed from the ‘mainstream’ life, which means you have a completely different way of exisiting. And you know that when someone claims to love nature, they have no idea until they’ve been to Alaska. You are calm, super into wildlife, and can think on the fly—that’s what makes you attractive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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