I Want A Man Who Loves His Mama

Quinn Dombrowski
Quinn Dombrowski

There’s something to be said about a guy who loves his mama. You know the type—affectionate, kind, patient, not embarrassed to throw his arms around her and give her a big bear hug.

I’ve always been a sucker for emotional guys, the type of guy who feels, who loves, and who isn’t ashamed. The kind of man who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, to be sappy, and to tell you what’s on his mind, to open up to you in a way that truly lets you in—I think those men are the best. Those are the ones I find myself falling for.

But a mama’s boy? He tops the list.

You can always spot a mama’s boy. He’s the one who waits the longest at the stop sign, letting everyone cross first. He’s the one who opens the coffee shop doors for the couple behind him. He’s the one who smiles at everyone and helps the old ladies with their grocery bags and strikes up a random conversation with the person in line next to him.

A mama’s boy has a gentle soul and a big heart. He always puts others before himself, especially women. And he’s kind, so so kind.

A mama’s boy is patient and selfless, almost to a fault. He’s the one that thinks of others before himself, and thinks of his mother most of all. He’s not afraid to kiss her on the cheek or call her just to ask her about her day. He doesn’t hesitate to include her in his plans, or tell her stories that make her laugh.

When it’s her birthday, he showers her with calls and texts and thoughtful gifts. He doesn’t neglect her with distance or age; she may not be the one taking care of him anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s not on his mind.

See, I think mama’s boys are the best to fall for; those types of men know how to truly love a woman.

A mama’s boy was raised right. He was raised by a loving woman. A woman who spoiled him in some ways, but challenged him in others. A woman who taught him how to love and how to respect. A woman who showed him right from wrong and the way to treat someone you are in a relationship with. A woman who nurtured him into becoming a good man.

A mama’s boy is tender and kind, thoughtful and passionate. He respects his mother, and in turn will respect any woman he dates. He values the women in his life, and values them enough to care for them without holding back or feeling like less of a man.

A mama’s boy isn’t afraid to be emotional, to be thoughtful, to put his affection and emotions out there to show the women in his life that he cares.

That’s the type of man I want to fall for—one who loves openly, and showers his mother with love because that’s how he’ll love me.

And in turn I’ll love him right back. I’ll be the other half, the shoulder he can lean on, the woman who’s dependable and strong right alongside the woman who raised him. I’ll be a woman worthy of his respect. I’ll be the woman who values his passion, and his emotional side.

I’ll be a woman who fits into his life perfectly and treasures him for all the ways he is tender and kind, for all the ways he is gentle with the women in his life.

He’s a good man. And I’ll be his good woman. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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