8 Perks Of Dating The Girl With A Big Heart

George Tudor
George Tudor

1. She’ll make you smile without trying.

She loves the world, and her kindness and love glows in everything she does. If you’re down, she can bring you up with just that simple turn of her lips. And even if she’s driving you crazy, or the both of you are in the middle of a heated argument, one smile from her makes all the anger fade away. Her contagious positive attitude will bring a steady stream of happiness to your life.

2. She’ll help you slow down and see the little things.

Like the nest of baby birds, or the sunshine flitting through the trees. She often sees things that you overlook, which makes you appreciate the world a little more every day.

3. She will accept you (and your weirdo family) with open arms.

Because her heart is so big, she’ll have no problem loving your quirks. If you have a strange habit of eating pickles before going to bed or sleeping with wooly socks, she won’t judge you. And even if your family is far from normal, she’ll fit herself right in.

4. She’s super hard to stay mad at.

You will inevitably fight, no matter how perfect your relationship is, but because she loves you and cares for you so deeply, it’s hard to find reasons to stay angry. Not only is she willing to apologize and mend what she’s done wrong, but she’s willing to compromise with you, which is everything in a relationship.

5. She’ll forgive you for the dumb sh*t you do.

She’s not naïve and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong, but she loves you deeply and knows that people make mistakes. She will forgive you (within reason) for dumb things and will always believe the best in you, even when you fail.

6. She’ll get you to embrace your soft side.

Which, in all reality, is actually healthy for you. She will shower you with affection and in turn, bring that out in you. She will gently persuade you to open up to her, to spill your inner thoughts, and to be vulnerable. And over time, you will do just that. You will become comfortable with your tender side and more in-tune with your emotions, which is empowering (and not emasculating).

7. She’ll be gentle, even in her anger.

Though she’s big-hearted, she’s not weak. She will get mad at you, but she will always try to be gentle. She doesn’t believe in breaking people down or saying heated, in-the-moment, angry things. She will always try to collect herself, organize her thoughts, and approach you with love, even if she’s deeply hurt.

8. She’ll share her last slice of pizza.

Or even her corner of the pillow, or her half of the bed when you roll over and take too much room. She is so loving and so willing to put your needs equal to, if not more important at times, than her own. She will always think of you and want to share things with you—her food, her happiness, her life—and this will be the type of love you’ve always dreamed of, always deserved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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