13 Ways That Only Someone Who Loves You Looks At You

Focusing on what your eyes and your partner’s eyes say through looks of appreciation, fascination, and security can speak volumes of love. Based upon how your partner stares at, learns about, and understands you is a true indicator of why you are so very special to them. They can validate you, warm your heart, and reveal a great sense of gratitude and comfort that you’re a part of their life. They can also make you feel that everything and everyone else is invisible except for you—standing right in front of them. With a bit of gentle observation, you can learn to decode the “visual language” spoken by your partner’s eyes. But first, give them something absolutely unique to look at…you.

1. ) As you sit across the table, stare more at each other rather than at the plate. Your natural mannerisms of how you eat, hold your fork, and pace yourself between bites will become more important in your partner’s eyes than the food.

2.) When you wear something that your partner enjoys, you will notice how his/her eyes will scan you up and down—admiring what they find beautiful about you. During moments of intimacy, let them undress you with their eyes first—creating a sense of playful tension and excitement.

3.) If they request that they want the lights on, it’s because they want to see all of you—in a way that’s meant for their eyes only. Chances are that the body part you feel most insecure about is the part that they love most about you—let their eyes help you embrace your perfect imperfection.

4.) Allow for moments of long stares; they will notice subtle facial expressions and gestures you make in silence—learning how to read your face as you will theirs.

5.) As you lay face to face in bed, let the pillow talk happen with locked eyes. Simultaneously, you will communicate all of your most intimate thoughts without saying a word.

6.) When you wake up only to notice that your partner has been watching you sleep, it’s only because they appreciate the shared moment of how you appear at rest and that you’ve created this space together.

7.) As you sit side by side on the train or in the car, catch glimpses of how often they turn to face you. These small stares show that your presence is appreciated during the ride.

8.) And when it’s time to say goodbye, let the stare linger just a little bit longer; as you’re leaving an impression that will ensure they will return for more.

9.) When you are feeling uneasy, worried, or need support, your partner’s eyes will instinctually meet yours—letting you know that they are there with comfort.

10.) When you are feeling happy, accomplished, and peaceful, your partner’s eyes will instinctually meet yours—letting you know that they too are celebrating along side of you.

11.) When you share personal secrets about yourself, their eyes will not judge you. In turn, they will trust that your eyes aren’t judgmental either when they reveal their secrets, too.

12.) The more open you feel in the presence of your partner, their eyes and heart will open too—seeing all that you are and all that you do. They too will feel a sense of ease and allow themselves to be more relaxed and vulnerable in your presence.

13.) When your partner stares at you for any reason at all, know that you are loved and reciprocate the sentiment as your adoringly stare back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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