20 Signs You Have A Perfect Body

Shutterstock, BeautyBlowFlow
Shutterstock, BeautyBlowFlow

The human body is a complex thing, and is consequently vulnerable to countless complications. We can break, bleed and be overtaken by disease. Our perfections – should we ever be lucky enough to have them – can be shattered. We shouldn’t be taking these aspects, our perfections making our bodies functional and reliable – for granted. Too often we criticize our frames of flesh and bone, thinking always that something is missing or flawed. Let’s strive instead to see the many perfections existing in us, as temporary as they may be:

1. You can go outside and trust your immune system to keep you alive.

2. You can smile.

3. You breathe smoothly, without needing reminding.

4. Eyelashes keep sweat from flowing into your eyes.

5. Your nose works; it can detect summer rain on pavement, freshly baked cookies and coffee brewing on the premises.

6. Your heart pumps blood where blood is needed.

7. Your legs can carry you from where you are to where you want to be.

8. You can taste your favorite food, and then digest it.

9. You can swallow without feeling pain.

10. Your brain and stomach communicate smoothly, saving you from starvation.

11. Arms give you the ability to hug loved ones, wave in greeting and maintain balance when necessary.

12. You have a voice.

13. Your sense of touch enjoys fleece to skin and warmth in summer, yet protects from burns and sharp objects.

14. Your teeth grind food.

15. You can go to the bathroom and pass waste from your body.

16. Eyes – with or without aid – allow you to see clouds, the ocean, beautiful people and oncoming traffic.

17. You can create life.

18. You can hear your favorite song, a child laughing and birds chirping in springtime.

19. You have hands that can pick up beverages, button clothes and scratch should you have an itch.

20. Written content can be picked up by your eyes and passed to your brain, leaving you to be impacted by simple words strung together on a page. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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