35 Non-Issues That People Love To Make A Big Deal About


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1. stopdangerpi

I share a toothbrush with my SO all the time. Whatever. We’re already sharing so many other bodily fluids.

2. Chateetcho

Holes in old clothes, i’m not talking about “Your ass is showing because your pocket is ripped off.” My mom always makes a big deal of little holes on the bottom of my shirt or old jeans when we go out in public. Who gives a shit? I mean under certain circumstances like going to have a family dinner or your job yeah, makes perfect sense unless your lucky enough to have an employer that doesn’t care. Who the fuck am I trying to impress when I go get groceries or to a movie?

3. Ipreferaflan

Toilet seat being up. Just……put it down? How is being down the default position?

4. [deleted]

When I used to work in a supermarket, I found so many people were weird about buying toilet paper/feminine hygiene/condoms. Toilet paper shouldn’t be an issue because everyone shits, feminine hygiene shouldn’t be an issue because more than half the population many women menstruates and condoms shouldn’t be a problem because at least you’re getting some.
EDIT: Yes, I realise I was incorrect stating half the population menstruate. I acknowledged this below and I have apologised. You don’t need to keep telling me.

5. MissGarrison

Just had a baby in September. I kissed this kid on the mouth right after she vomited. She sneezes in my face almost daily. When you’re a mommy you kind of get over things…

6. HeartInACage

I don’t think it should be considered offensive to ask someone how old they are. Honestly, it’s just your damn age.

7. castikat

I don’t understand people getting offended about saying “Merry Christmas.” It’s the dominant holiday in our society. Yes, there are people who don’t celebrate it but who gives a fuck really. If someone told me “Happy Hanukkah” or “Merry Festivus” I would say thank you and move on with my day. Why go out of your way to be a douchebag to someone just trying to be nice?

8. apostrophie

Double dipping. I honestly don’t care if you dip your fries in the ketchup, take a bite and dip it again. If you’re sick or you like…SLOBBER on the food, I understand but in general? Nahhh. I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing until I was like 17 and got called out on it.

9. tubeytoons

I got another one. Watching a movie alone. I don’t get why that’s “sad”, it’s not like you talk to your friends when you watch a movie.

10. Mastry

As a beard-owner, hair in my food has to be a non-issue because otherwise I would starve.

11. HeffilumpsAndWoozels

Hairy people. I massage for a living and I always hear my clients/friends/relatives say they feel so sorry for me having to touch and rub a whole bunch of hairy people for hours at a time, especially if they have a super hairy back and legs.
I can’t even express how much i don’t care how hairy my client is. People have hair… some more than others… I don’t understand why a lot of people find excess hair gross.

12. innocuous_username

Rain. It’s just water people, chances are you willingly stood under it for 10 mins this morning.

13. lipblam

As a cashier, I’ve never found it a big deal when people are on their cell phones while I am scanning their items. If anything, it means I’m not obligated to talk to them.

14. Gregar

Overly politically correct people. Allow me to give an example.
My friend is black, or at least a really dark shade of brown. One day he comes to uni in a suit and lila/mauve shirt under his suit (he had a thing later), and I compliment him, saying his shirt looks amazing with his skin tone. Mainly because it damn well did. A little bit because I’m jealous.
In the row behind me, a white-as-the-driven-snow girl, that I know mainly because she singlehandedly runs the local Amnesty International, calls me, and I quote: “a racist, a bigot and a bad friend”. Me and my friend are baffled and stare at her, she has the nerve to utter a displeased “what?”. More astounded than anything else, we sit down and ignore her completely, despite sighs, snorts and grunts.
TL;DR: no every sentence in a conversation with a black man with the word “black” in it is racist dammit.

15. turbie

I do not use seat covers in public bathrooms.

16. Mahhrat

Peeing in the shower. It’s a clean room, just aim down and let the shower keep you clean. It’s why we use ceramics and acrylics.

17. whengaysattack

I think farting is a terribly over-hyped thing. People flip shit about it. I mean, yeah–I get it when someone rips a big, massive fart in the middle of a quiet place, but just letting out some of that trapped gas can make your day so much better. I would love to be able to fart without having to go to the bathroom every goddamn time.

18. Kwetla

The necessity to wear matching socks. What does it matter if one sock is blue and the other is red?!

19. Ratmotored57

Last week at a Montana’s my buddy got my medium rare steak by mistake when he had ordered his well done. He was giving the waitress a hard time about it and when I realized the mistake I just stuck a fork in the medium rare steak and took it off of his plate. I swapped it with the one I had gotten and said there….all fucking fixed. He shut up and the waitress could not believe what I had just done.People complain too much about food in restaurants. They could be eating out of a fucking dumpster. I also tipped her $20.00 for having to put up with his rant.

20. Erechtheus

I have no problem eating lunch or any kind of meal by myself. I find that it’s really relaxing and don’t have to force any kind of conversation.

21. llahsram

Justin Bieber, Twilight, and Jersey Shore are all things that exist. Yet none of them are shoving their way into my house and making me pay attention to them. So I don’t.
Fucking just ignore the shit you don’t like. No one is impressed by your refined taste in whining.

22. snakethefur

Curse words. I fail to see why saying “darn” instead of “damn” or “crap” instead of “shit” is more acceptable when the same meaning is conveyed.

23. AveofSpades

Never got why some guys are so weird about eating pussy, I love it.

24. THEpapaSmurf

Talking about vile and disgusting topics with people and not lose my appetite. I look at other people so weird when they overreact. “OMG, I can’t talk about that right now, it’s so nasty, I’m gonna lose my appetite”.
Bitch please, “so did you see that goatse picture on the internet yesterday?” proceed to take bite out of my burger

25. Ipreferaflan

Food being ever so slightly past its use by date.
‘ooooo this went off yesterday’ ‘it’ll be fine’ ‘no I dont trust it’ ‘fucking give it here then’

26. pan0ramic

I drink at 6am because I work nights. Then I get called an alcoholic, despite the fact that 6am is the end of my day. To me, you drinking at 5pm is crazy because that’s breakfast time!

27. [deleted]

When I used to work in a supermarket, I found so many people were weird about buying toilet paper/feminine hygiene/condoms. Toilet paper shouldn’t be an issue because everyone shits, feminine hygiene shouldn’t be an issue because many women menstruate and condoms shouldn’t be a problem because at least you’re getting some.

28. YHWHandSon

When girls go down on you and swallow, fucking kiss them afterwards if they make a move to. Grow up, fellas, and don’t be such a prick.

29. Worldchanger72

Dropping food on the floor and eating it. As long as it’s not covered in dirt or muck, then it’s fine. It’s still perfectly edible. I don’t know why people treat it like it was dunked in a vat of radioactive waste…

30. FlyingPasta


31. ceruleancrayon

as a server I gotta say the most obnoxious thing is when ths happens 500 times a day: Customer:”I’ll have a diet coke” Me: “is diet Pepsi okay?” Customer: ::makes disgusted face and proceeds to go on long rant about this topic::

32. the_hardest_part

I shower every second day for the most part. I’m a female and don’t sweat much and I’ve never had anyone suggest that I look/smell gross. Long hair is a bitch to wash every day and even shower caps don’t keep out all the dampness.

33. xzamin

I’d rather spend my night playing video games or watching movies rather then going out to bars and clubs.

34. yellbot

bodily functions are the most prevalent/obvious (big deal, i asked you for a tampon), but people who flip shit when you are sick. “DON’T COME NEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

35. remix1014

God damn twist ties on bread. Come on, spin and tuck people. Spin and tuck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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