21 Signs That You’re Not Friends Anymore

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1. They take more than a week to respond to a text.

2. When they respond its only single word answers.

3. You feel drained after hanging out with them.

4. You don’t feel like yourself with them.

5. You need to drink when you’re around them.

6. They need to drink when they’re around you.

7. All of your hangouts are spent reminiscing about
old hangouts.

8. You stop telling them when something exciting is
happening in your life.

9. You stop expecting them to care about your

10. You stop caring about their problems.

11. When you get invited to an event you don’t think to
invite them.

12. When you go to an event and they’re there you
cringe when you’re around them.

13. You’d rather go to a concert alone than with them

14. You no longer share the same things in common

15. Their knowledge of your life is limited solely to
what you share on Facebook.

16. They can’t find the time for a coffee hangout.

17. They only call when they want something.

18. Every conversation is a competition.

19. When things are hard they’re no longer there.

20. You don’t know who they are anymore.

21. You don’t talk anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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