There’s A Difference Between Sex and a Random Hookup

Not to be blunt.

But, there’s a difference between fucking someone and having sex.

Random hookups. One night stands. Nights you leave the bar with a stranger.

When you wake up the next day:

You will feel the same.

You will look in the mirror.

You will stare at yourself slightly longer than you usual.

You will look the same.

You will not feel liberated or revolutionized. You will not be a different person.

You fuck a guy to fill a void.

You can try to match meaning to meaningless faces, but it’s simply impossible. Fuck as many people as you want—it means nothing. It’s a search for temporary love. A search for temporary passion and feeling. You can hold a stranger close and feel nothing. And maybe some people need that, maybe some people need that feeling of emptiness.

But, sooner or later. The emptiness consumes you.

I believe sex is an intimate act.

Having sex with someone you love is passionate and wild, yet safe and secure.

You feel so exposed and insecure lying there, clothingless. But at the same time, you feel perfect. Everything is perfect.

You wouldn’t change a thing about that very exact moment. In darkness, you see light. You feel an overwhelming sensation of peace and tranquility.

When you have sex with the person you love…

Your world stops.

And your world doesn’t stop because it’s good sex.

It stops because you want to feel as close to that person as long as possible. You want the clock to stop. You want the world to freeze.

You want your chest to stay close to his for eternity. It feels like he is holding your heart. You can’t picture yourself anywhere else.

And when you wake up the next day:

You feel purposeful.

You will look in the mirror.

You will stare at yourself slightly longer than you usual.

You feel an utter sensation of happiness and acceptance.


Don’t confuse fucking someone with having sex. When you fuck, you fuck. And when you sex, you love. It’s as easy as that.

And yeah, maybe this article wasn’t so PG. But, hey what can I say it was on my mind. Love is something that develops gradually. So, until you find love- fuck as many people as you want. But, don’t expect to feel something inside.

Once you find your person. Once you find the love of your life. It’s magical and meaningful.

And it will set you free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark