All Your Burning Questions About ‘The People VS O.J. Simpson’ Answered

The People VS O.J. Simpson
The People VS O.J. Simpson

Was Nicole’s funeral really open casket, and did O.J. kiss her corpse?

According to Nicole’s mother, yes. He supposedly leaned into the casket and whispered “I’m so sorry, Nicki. I’m so sorry.”

Did a juror really give O.J. the “black power” symbol?

Oddly enough, yes. He was later proven to be a former Black Panther.

Did O.J. leave behind a “suicide note” and sign it with a smiley face?

It’s still up for debate whether it was a suicide note or not (though it definitely sounds like it is) but yes, it exists and yes, it was signed with a smiley face.

Did O.J. threaten to kill himself in Kim Kardashian’s childhood bedroom?

There’s been a hot back-and-forth on this tidbit as well, but according to Robert Kardashian himself yes, O.J. did indeed hold a gun to his head in Kim Kardashian’s room.

Did William Hodgeman have a heart attack in court?

No. He experienced chest pains later in the day during a strategy meeting and went to the hospital without collapsing.

Did a juror have an actual breakdown and try to flee?

It’s unverified that the freak-out took place but a juror named Tracy Hampton did admit to experiencing severe depression and telling Judge Ito “I can’t take it anymore.”

Did the Kardashian kids begin chanting “Kardashian” during their father’s press conference?

Unverified, but Khloe Kardashian says no. (Author’s note: But it wouldn’t surprise me.)

Did Nicole’s dog actually lead to her and Ronald Goldman’s bodies being found?

Yes. According to a witness, Nicole’s Akita appeared agitated and lead him to her home on Bundy Drive, where he found her bloody body next to Ronald Goldman’s.

Did O.J. stop by Nicole’s grave before the infamous Bronco chase?

Yes. He testified as to this in the 1996-1997 civil suit.

Did Robert Kardashian read O.J.’s “suicide note” on live TV?

Yes, and here’s the footage.

Did O.J. have a gun to his head in the Bronco?

Yes, and he had an extensive conversation with the police before turning himself in.

Did O.J. apologize to the LAPD during the Bronco chase?

Yes, in the same conversation.

Were there cheering people over the freeway as the Bronco went by?

Yes, and there’s photo evidence.

Did the Kardashians go out to Chin Chin for Father’s Day?

Yes, but their behavior there is unverified.

Did O.J. ever say “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”?

Yes, but not necessarily in relation to this case.

Did TIME Magazine really darken O.J.’s picture on their cover?

Yes, and it was not received well.

Did Johnnie Cochran get prank calls about O.J. before accepting the case?


Did Faye Resnick really write a tell-all book about Nicole?

Yes, and you can buy it here.

Did O.J. really make an impassioned speech to Judge Ito rather than testifying?

Yes. It would seem most of the dialogue in this scene is spot-on, as evidenced by this footage of the trial.

Did Johnnie Cochran receive death threats approaching the verdict?

Yes, and apparently it was so bad that his daughter received death threats as well.

Was Mark Fuhrman really disparaged so harshly in Marcia Clarke’s closing statements?

Yes, basically word for word. (Author’s note: GOOD.)

Was Robert Shapiro that disliked by his colleagues?

According to Johnnie Cochran himself, yes. In a USA Today interview, he said: “I like Bob Shapiro a lot but I don’t think anybody on this team is in any great hurry to work with him again.”

Was the deliberation really only four hours?

Actually, it was even less than that. Just under four hours.

Did Nicole’s children really leave a message on her answering machine while cops inspected the property?


Were the Kardashian kids goofing around at Nicole’s funeral?


Did Robert Kardashian throw up after hearing the verdict?


Did Chris Darden really end his statement early and hug the Goldmans?

Yes and no. Again, the dialogue is pretty much spot on — Darden is overcome by emotion and ends his statement, but simply hugs the person closest to him. It’s not Ronald Goldman’s father, but I’m not sure who it is. Marcia Clarke pats his back.

Did O.J. really throw a party after the verdict?

Yes. He ordered 40 cases of champagne for the event.

Were there protestors waiting for O.J.’s arrival at his Brentwood home?

Yes. They were stationed throughout Brentwood.

Did O.J.’s son celebrate his release by getting him a puppy?


Did Robert Kardashian leave O.J.’s party early in a statement of his belief that O.J. was guilty?

Unverified, but they did end their friendship, and Kardashian later stated: “I have doubts. The blood evidence is the biggest thorn in my side; that causes me the greatest problems. So I struggle with the blood evidence.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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