Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 4)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.


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Part four.

Are you ready?

We ended the last piece with a decision to begin talking to Patsy, JonBenet’s late mother who we (among many others) believe was responsible for her death. Neither Amy nor I were entirely comfortable with it but it seemed Patsy was an unavoidable discussion — she simply wouldn’t back down and had, in fact, been trying to intrude on JonBenet’s conversation the entire time.

After JonBenet’s heartfelt message, she happily trotted off to play with her friends on the other side. This, at least, I can take to heart.

So now… we’re here.

Amy is concentrating but seems uncomfortable.

Amy: Let me make sure that… her intentions are…

She begins to consult her divination crystal, which I’ve seen her use in the flesh. It’s such an interesting tool I purchased one of my own. She doesn’t tell me what she’s asking but the crystal begins to spin in a frantic circle, which I remember from our previous sessions to be a ‘yes.’ I don’t want to interrupt her, but…

Me: Keep doing that. My husband is going to be home soon, I gotta grab my headphones, so… keep doing… your thing.

I love my husband dearly but he is a staunch skeptic; it’s best if I keep to myself on this one. I hook my headphones up to my MacBook as Amy continues to concentrate.

Amy: Okay. Okay…

She gives me a strange look, half-lidded, almost as if she’s drunk. Amy wipes at her nose and almost slurs:

Amy: Ready if you are.

It doesn’t seem like we have much of a choice. Patsy is here.

Me Okay! So I guess — just — does she already have, an agenda? Or does she want us to ask questions?

Amy tilts her head, smiles oddly, closes her eyes.

Amy: When I first connected with her, she was very… um, it scared me. She was screaming. And yelling. And just… in a rage. Fit. Just an emotional… uh, tornado? Um. But I feel that may have been to show what overtook her. That night. And not just that night… um, she was very reactive.

Amy pauses, eyes still closed, and seems to listen. I wait.


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