14 Crimes That Might Never Be ‘Solved’, But We Basically Know Who Did It

Kristin Smart


“Kristin Smart is an American woman who disappeared on May 25, 1996, while attending California Polytechnic State University. Three fellow students escorted Smart back to her hall of residence after a party. Her disappearance is an actively investigated missing person case.

I as well as many individuals believe Paul Flores may have been involved in her disappearance/murder since he was the last person to see her alive. Flores allegedly stated that he and Kristin went their separate ways on the night of her disappearance, each going to their own dorm rooms. Cadaver dogs were brought in to search through campus dorms. The dogs picked up the scent of a deceased human on the corner of Flores’s mattress. Also, Flores was noticed having a black eye on the days following Kristin’s disappearance. He told investigators several different stories about how he received the injury.” — u/mcwjdw33

Update: On April 13, 2021, Paul Flores was arrested and charged with Kristin’s murder.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman


“In June 1994, the 34-year-old ex-wife of American football star, O.J. Simpson, and 26-year-old Goldman were found stabbed to death outside of Nicole’s home. O.J. was the defendant in the murder trial, but he wasn’t convicted, although he was found liable for the murders in a civil lawsuit. Since civil lawsuits don’t require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s impossible to say whether O.J. was the killer, although he does love to talk about how it would have gone down had he done it.” — u/mcwjdw33

Patricia Adkins

Crime Watch Daily Youtube

“Had an affair with co-worker. Lent him close to $100k. Asks for it back. He invites her on a camping trip. She never comes back. When questioned he claims to not even know her, though it’s proven he does. No body, no case. He walks away a richer murderer. Not even shamed publically, because police withhold his identity.” — DecadentEx

The “Dupont de Ligonnès” case


“France, 2011. The whole family was found dead, burried under the terrace, except the dad. He had written an email 1 year before, stating that he had financial & professional issues and was considering a collective suicide of his family. Weeks before the murder he had inherited his dad’s 22 long Rifle and started going to the shooting range. The week before the murder, he had bought lime, big trash bags, shovels, a silencer, rifle bullets. The bank accounts were closed, the lease on the house ended, etc.

He was last seen on a surveillance footage in the Var, and was never ever heard of again.

About a month ago a man was seized at Glasgow airport, they believed it was him, but no.

So yeah, and the crime remains “unsolved”.” — thislakeisgreat

Terrance Williams (2004) and Felipe Santos (2003)

Collier county sheriff’s office

“Deputy Steve Calkins is 100% responsible. In separate incidents, both men were last seen after having been arrested by Deputy Steve Calkins, who claimed he had “changed his mind” about the arrests and dropped the men off at Circle K convenience stores. Neither man has been seen or heard from since.” — ClutzyMe

Kristine Kupka

Where is Kristine Kupka?

“Pregnant Brooklyn college student missing since 1998, last seen with the father of her child—also her professor—who wanted her to have an abortion (she refused).” — yarrowflax

The Doodler

San Francisco Police Department

“The Doodler was a serial killer in the 70s who killed up to 14 people, mostly gay men. He was named that because sketches of the victims would often be found near their bodies.

The police at the time had one suspect that they were convinced was responsible, and after he was arrested the murders stopped. However, because some of his surviving victims were still in the closet and therefore unwilling to out themselves by testifying against him, he was never charged and to this day his name has never been released.” — ThatEnglishKid

Susan Powell


“Susan Powell. It’s so infuriating that we will never get definitive answers on this, but all signs point to her husband Josh Powell killing her. I highly recommend Dave Cawley’s podcast Cold about the case, even if you’re familiar with the case. It sheds a lot of light onto the Powell family and how most of them probably covered for Josh before he took his life and the lives of his children.” — sh4nn0n

My aunt

“Personal, but my Aunt.

Lived with scumbag boyfriend after leaving strict conservative upbringing. She was paying her way through nursing school by dancing at less than reputable establishments.

Boyfriend was older and abusive. She was packing a bag one night, supposedly to leave. There’s two 911 calls, one of her saying he was threatening to shoot her, which got cut off. One a few minutes later of him saying she shot herself.

My dad and grandpa cleaned out the apartment, holes with hair in the wall from where he slammed her, and the half packed suitcase on the bed.

She was shot in the temple, and was braindead, removed from life support a week later. No one did anything, not the cops or family. No one pursued it and dude just dipped town. My mom was deeply upset and went to the cops a few times for records, trying to push the case, got blown off. They even ended up asking how (boyfriend) was. They were all buddies.

She was only 20.” — liftgeekrepeat

Martha Moxley


“Everyone pretty much knows Michael Skakel did it, he even bragged to school mates that he was going to get away with murder because he was a Kennedy, yet the whole case has been going in and out of the courts for years. As of right now, the prosecutors have the option to retry the case, but who knows what’ll happen. As of now, Martha Moxley’s murder is technically unsolved.” — SwissArmyGnat

Sherese Walker Bingham


“Walking her two GSDs when she was shot with her own pistol which was then left at the scene. All evidence points to her husband who was having a 14 year affair that involved property ownership with his mistress. They have been trying to nail him for years, but much of the evidence is circumstantial.” — headlighted1


Andreas Biegleder

“Some students basically solved the case but refused to name the perpetrator out of respect for surviving family” — noodlesandpizza

Rebecca Zahau


“Her body was found nude, bound at the wrists and ankles and hanging by the neck from her balcony. Police ruled it a suicide. The only other person at the mansion was her brother in law. At the scene of the crime they found two knives and a cryptic message written on the wall, along with men’s boot prints on the balcony.” — xo_diablita

Lauren Spierer’s disappearance

Lauren Spierer

“I think it’s pretty clear she died either from overdose or from her earlier fall, she died in either the Beth/Rossman apartment or the Rosenbaum apartment, and some combination of those three got rid of her body. Sure it’s possible she was abducted elsewhere, but the fact is she was incapacitated and with those three men, then never seen again.” — the_expert_jd

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