27 Things Girls Should NEVER Feel Self-Conscious About (According To 27 Guys)

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Found on AskReddit.

1. That gap between your front teeth.

“Me: ‘That gap between your front teeth, now that is kinda cute.’
Her: ‘I…have a gap between my front teeth???’
Me: ‘Err, maybe…’”


2. Those dark rings around your eyes.

“I find dark rings around eyes (from tiredness, etc.) really attractive, especially if the girl with them has dark hair and pale skin.”


3. Your vaginas.

“Their vaginas. Most girls are pretty self-conscious about how theirs looks. They are fantastic! What’s not to love?”


4. Eating.

“One time I watched my gf devour like 8 tacos in one sitting like a fucking animal, and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen her do.”


5. Thick thighs.

“Thick thighs. For some reason, women are aware that big boobs and butts are attractive, but are completely oblivious to how nice a curvy set of thighs look.”


6. Love handles.

“They’re called ‘love’ handles for a reason.”


7. Pale skin.

Pale skin is the best! Don’t go tan, that doesn’t help anyone.”


8. Big noses.

“Big noses and fetchingly crooked front teeth.”


9. Your natural scent.

“The smell of their armpit! And the smell of their hair. And the smell of their skin. And the smell of their farts. And the smell of their perfume…”


10. Your vaginas.

“Their vaginas. Most girls I’ve been with are self-conscious about their woman bits because they think theirs looks different to conventional ideas of what a vagina is supposed to look like. Truth is that they all look different and are attractive.”


11. Stretch marks.

“There’s not enough time for me list all the things, so I’ll just say stretch marks, particularly on their breasts or hips, even postpartum belly stretch marks are sexy.”


12. Looking natural.

“Pretty much every time I’ve ‘caught’ (turned up a little early, woken up first in the morning, something like that) a girl with messy hair, half-assed makeup, baggy clothes or whatever, she’s gotten flustered and apologised without knowing that she’s probably never been more attractive to me than that moment.”


13. Blushing.

“Blushing. I find it really cute when a girl blushes.”


14. Freckles.

“Freckles. I knew too many girls that thought their freckles were unattractive but I find them irresistible.”


15. Being quiet.

“A girl who is really quiet. It makes me feel very comfortable with them, like I don’t have to talk either.”


16. Signs of aging.

“Signs of aging.

My wife has been making a lot of comments about wrinkles recently, and joking about me trading her in for a younger model.

After I reassure her that I won’t be replacing her, but rather making her the head of my new harem (and dealing with the resulting violence), I then tell her the truth: every line is a memory and a reminder that we are coming up on 15 years together, with many more to come. I love her and find her more attractive now than I ever have.

Getting older doesn’t make a woman less attractive, it just gives you character. Maturity and experience are, in my opinion at least, hotter than unblemished youth.”


17. Your height.

“I find both exceptionally tall women and exceptionally short women to be incredibly attractive. I get why women tend to be self-conscious about their height, but it’s not something I would ever change about them.”


18. Being dorky.

“Being dorky in general.”


19. Snort-laughing.

“Snorting when they laugh. So. Fucking. Adorable.”


20. Body hair.

“A light dusting of hair on limbs. Even pit hair is fine. Facial hair…not so much, but it’s not a huge turnoff unless it’s truly dark and thick. We’re mammals after all.”


21. Wearing glasses.

“I recently (over the last few years) met a few girls who are super self-conscious about wearing glasses. I’ve always found it to be cute but maybe that’s just because I wear glasses/contacts so I know what it’s like. Who knows?”


22. Being intelligent and having an opinion.

“Being intelligent and having an opinion. I love a woman that has had an original thought and is not afraid to share.”


23. Your weight.

“Their weight. Nothing wrong with a chubby girl. A lot of guys (including me) would rather be with someone a little larger. Not that there is anything wrong with a thin girl, though.”


24. That lisp.

“Lisps. Just a little bit of struggle with those S’s… Yes, please.”


25. Clumsiness.

“Clumsiness/awkwardness. I think a lot of girls try way too hard to be smooth when actually from a guy’s perspective if I’m already into you, if you’re ultra cool/smooth it’s harder to approach you than if you’re just awkward, more approachable. There’s something about a girl that’s friendly but awkward that I just adore.”


26. Curves.

“CURVES, dammit! I LOVE a woman with a little junk in her trunk.
I LOVE a woman that’s a little soft in the sides. I don’t want someone who is obese, or unhealthy… But women who have some extra pounds need to quit feeling unattractive. Women are supposed to be round, and curvy, and soft and squishy… If I wanted some pre-pubescent thing with no fat on it, no breasts and no bush… Well, that sounds like a little boy to me.. and I don’t want that. God bless women with some meat for the lovin…

Fat-Bottom Girls you make the Rocking World go Round!”


27. Everything.

“Bubbly cheeks, fat, being very tall, muscles, making the first move, arm hair, small boobs, acne/scars, body odours, big foreheads, glasses, dark skin, paleness, crying, leg hair, squirting, moaning, no makeup, wearing the same clothes more than once, sluttiness, looking sleepy, nip slips, braces, rabbit teeth, big clits, bushy eyebrows, wearing no perfume, sweatiness, lactation, overeating, their looks in general without any intervention, clumsiness, cuteness, messiness, bad handwriting, video game addiction, laziness, oversleeping, aging, moles, porn addiction, fetishes, neediness, hiccups, masturbation, sexperience, being bad at things, big eyes, making more or less money than me, high or deep voices, interest in other women, any eye color, really short women, inescurity, being bad at art, being intelligent, dirty feet, being older or younger than me, anxiety, imperfections, shyness, blushing, talking lots, freckles, having a different cultural/language/racial background, accents, the shape of their vagina, their attractiveness, being too easy, acting masculine, having a big or small dick, their sex toys.”

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